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  1. Ivan

    Tyson Garrahy

    Hi all, ive been speeking to tyson about getting my bodykit and he has assured me that i will get it or get my money back, i did a post about him a little while ago so please disregard that post as he has been very helpful in cahsing up my kit, anything thats been said about him being a scammer and a thief is bull. thank you, ivan.
  2. HI my name is Ivan from sydney, i am in the same situation that you were with your kit i paid $600 for mine on the 26/5/2006 and still havent received it! what did you do to get it. pls help, i got his address of the net im gona pay him a visit if all else fails! HE EVEN SENT ME A RECEIPT THE DUMB PRICK SAYING THANKS FOR YOUR PAYMENT AND HOPE THAT I ENJOY MY PURCHASE! what can i do? thanks ,Ivan
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