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  1. Balancer and all engine parts etc gone sold delivered thanks herb n stefan top blokes guys! Good luck with both ur builds! Stefan i call shotgun when its all together chief! I think its gonna be a fkn animal buddy!
  2. Block and crank details i went to sabbaddins this morning to pickup the head and got a proper list of everythibg thats been done to the block for thos that are asking! All machine work has been done by saliba engines ($4000 just in machine work) BLOCK Tunnel bored Line bored Honed Decked x rayed Crack tested hot bathed acid dipped CRANK Ground and linished grub screwed crack tested straight tested crank collar thanks
  3. Items have been sold there getting shipped to their new home this week
  4. Herb the balancer is urs! Call me in the morning cuz stefan ill confirm the block details n crank details 100% in the morning buddy! Ill also check the oil pump specs!! And give u a price for it buddy!! Have a few other parts available but need to confirm wat i have lieing around cheers
  5. Stafan will b at my house in half an hour if he doesnt take it will contact u both cheers
  6. hi guys selling everything for my rb2630 as ive just orderd a clk 63 amg will sell as a package cheap nitto pistons for rb2630 ($750) nitto rods for rb2630 ($750) ati 1000hp balancer ($500) machined block to suit pistons - balanced crank etc ($1000) arp studs rb26 head (untouched) ($1250) these parts cost me easily 10 grand including all the machining sell the lot for $3500.00 also have wolf v500 ecu - brand new in the box - $1500 apexi el2 guages boost, oil temp, oil pressure and control unit - $700 (brand new in box) located in doncaster east melbourne please pm me for anyhting you may need. want it gone asap will consider package offer deals thanks
  7. Hi i have a custom stainless steel 1500km old full turbo bach system with catco cat if u like pm me
  8. how much for the sump adapter sent to melb chief is it a full kit for an r33 gtr
  9. pics please what adapter do they have on them? will they fit my r33 gtr?
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