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  1. Lucky Bugger please post some pix...
  2. I wanna check out Halo 4 and Black ops 2 ZOMBIES!!!
  4. Thanks guys I really appreciate it . I Have to get rid of it to get another van my 1 just crapped its pants
  5. Cool thanks for your helps guys I really appricate it
  6. NO!! Do you think the dealer will notice if I change the ECU's around the corner from the dealer?
  7. Hi guys and gals I havent been on for a while but just have a 2 questions about my R43 I am trading it in over the weekend to a car dealer, but want to keep my power fc. The mods I have done are: -HKS GTRE turbo -SARD 650cc injectors -Nismofuel pressure reg -Z32 AFM -Nismo fuel pump -Profec B2 boost guage 1. If I put my old ECU in the car will it run fine with all of the mods that have been done to the car? 2.Will the power fc reset if I cant trade in my car and decide to put it back in my car?
  8. I have for sale my Apexi power fc with the hand contoller for sale I am in the penrith area. Here is some pix, the price is $1200. It was on my R33 series 1 if you are interested give me a call on 0403 379 309
  9. Hi guys and gals, yesterday I crashed my car into someone parked ileagally and as a result I have for sale my series 1 R33 1994 model skyline it does have a few parts you may want. Cant be drivren on the road but can be driven onto a tow truck or car trailor, it still starts, the mods that have been done are: - Slpit front dumpipe - 3" Hks exhaust system with a 6" cannon - Nismo fuel pressure reg - GTR fuel pump - Oil filter relocator - big front mount intercooler - Boost controller - HKS turbo timer I cant remeber everything right now I will update when I can remeber other stuff I would like to sell the car whole as I get really sad every time I walk outside the I am asking $4000 for the lot there are heaps of other parts on the car and will update when I can. If you are interested please give me (Loof) a call on 0403379309 and please dont post if you are going to be negative. I live in the Penrith area Also just got Peter at Advan performance to change my timing belt all bearings and he also custom fitted a GTR water pump to the car last month.All parts where brand new I still have receipts. Tyres onthe front have 99% tread I bought them about 3 weeks ago the 2 tyres on the back have about 90% tread Also has Sony explode sterio and Pioneer splits in the front doors Got the power steering pump reconditioned in October
  10. Hey Nick, mate just been working a bit too much
  11. Will be gettin it fosho if anyone wants to team up and kick butt my GT: A BALD WOOK1E and thats for Xbox 360
  12. I'll be in for that havent put her on a dyno for a while it'll be fun
  13. Hey I have up for sale a Z32 with plug for $100 pix up tomorrow. ph:0403379309
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