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  1. I have one you can have if you want it Mike 0417943522
  2. I have an RB26 gearbox which I had as a spare for my GTR and never used. I also have a number of other GTR spares including a head, brand new HKS cam set, Apexi, lots of mechanical parts from a half cut when I used another RB26 motor in my Datsun 260Z. I even have doors. Mike 0417943522
  3. R32 & R33 GTR Apexi Power FC & Hand Controller excellent condition and box $590 Contact Mike 0417943522 mike@bluevista.net.au
  4. Pair good AFM's $120 Contact Mike 0417943522 mike@bluevista.net.au
  5. Skyline GTR VSpec 324mm front DBA 4000 slotted rotors $400 pair Skyline GTR VSpec 300mm rear DBA 4000 slotted rotors $300 pair Contact: Mike Rowe 0417943522 mike@bluevista.net.au
  6. GTR gearbox $450 R34 GTR Intercooler $290 RB26 Head $750 GTR sump & diff $350 Complete Set of RB26 cam covers, valley cover, front cover, lower cam belt cover $450 Contact Mike 0417943522, mike@bluevista.net.au Other GTR parts including: RB 26 Aluminium radiator $50 RB26 clutch fan $40 RB26 standard pistons $50 RB6 standard con rods $80 R32 GTR washer bottle $25 R32 GTR Radiator over flow bottle $25 R32 GTR Brake Master Cylinder & Power booster $80 R32 GTR Clutch master cylinder & booster $50 R32 GTR set of pedals, clutch, brake & accelerator $80 R32 GTR steering column $70 R32 GTR steering rack $80 R32 GTR Wiper motor $40 R32 GTR intercooler plastic front pipe work $40
  7. I just bought mine through the local brake place (Southwest Brakes Bunbury WA) in this case. They were in Brembo boxes. Have worked fine regards Mike
  8. 2 wheel light weight (but strong) car trailer with ramps. Easy to tow, easy to reverse, easy to move by hand. LED lights, guards lowered to allow doors to open, spare wheel, 2 tie down winch/straps, disc brakes, jockey wheel, hand brake, brand new spare hub, Commodore rims & light truck tyres. Built August 2008, used only 6 times to take car to events. As new. Price $3500 Contact Mike Rowe 0417943522
  9. Does anyone have a drawing of an oil cooler and oil pump set up for the GTR transfer case and also diff ? - where to pick up oil from the transfer case & diff and where to mount the pump and cooler? Where do people get their pumps from - Weldon and what other pumps are available that will do the job? Appreciate any assistance
  10. The short cut doent take me to the PDF - can you send it to me? thx Mike
  11. Hi Johnny if the turbos have been freshly rebuilt & never used, why did you need to get them checked and then they said they were only in good condition? Surely they would be perfect like new? regards Mike
  12. Nice looking car Buckna. Nothing realistic unfortunately about fixing it for $1500 though regards Mike
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