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  1. C210 parts required. I am looking for a Manual Steering Gear Box and a pair of Door returns springs for my Coupe. Anybody able to help or know of a C210 being wrecked in SA? Cheers fellow Datsuneers
  2. Details of the event in Adelaide are rather scarce at present. I read about it in the latest Zoom Magazine and contacted Carolyn Kruger Chief Organiser Skyline Nats President Classic Skylines Australia inc. She referred me to the www.classicskylinesaustralia.com website and they had info on their meeting that they just held in Winton Raceway in Vic. They will be updating their website re the Adelaide event in July 09 so don't hold your breath I have checked out their website and compared to this it is to say the least sparse, but may be worthwhile checking it out from time to time. They are also holding a Winton Track day on nthe 12th of September if you are interested. Dan what is a frankin motor? I have never heard that term before. Am also working on getting a few piccies up for you guys so please be patient.
  3. LOL Shadow you get floppy doors at my age mate! You"ll see sooner or later. Great to see your girlfriend enjoys your car as much as you do. Will be interesting to see if that continues if she becomes your wife !!! LOL
  4. Great pick-up Shadow. You must be pleased. Look forward to seeing more piccies and progress reports over the coming months. Do you happen have a spare "Door return spring assembly" in the boot perchance?? If you do or know where I could get one from I would be gratefull and also part with a dollar or two for your efforts of course!!
  5. Will see what I can do for you coupe72001. We should all make a commitment to try and get our 210's to the Adelaide Meet. Ten or so of the Old Schoolies would be sensational. What do you say guys??
  6. Have seen the ducktail from a Torana on this site and it looks a bit Twee to me was thinking of something like simple like the early Silvias and I just wanted the stop ligh for additional safety. Too many over 70 drivers in Adelaide that dont pick up stop light too quickly. Appreciate the thoughts though racesov!
  7. Wow the costs have really inflated!! I bought the Front Air Dam about 12 months ago for about $280.00 but had my son who is cabin crew with Qantas bring it back for me. Hope you will post the piccies when it is all finished. Does anybody know of a generic rear wing, with a stop light built in, that would fit onto the Coupe Boot??? I would like something that is not over the top. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  8. Dan the Man Car is starting to look great mate! I have one the same colour respeayed about 3 years ago with a 3L 2.5 DOHC Head. Will watch your project with great interest so please keep the reports and piccies coming Dan. If I was a bit more computer savvy I would get some photos of mine on line too. Perhaps next year!! Keep up the great work Dan look forward to your next post.
  9. Car is a 1977 C210 Coupe Engine is a RB 3 L block with 2.5 DOHC Head Haltec computer, head has been modified, extractors etc. 142kw @rw to date but looking for a bit more.
  10. Mine is a 1977 C210 Coupe, green in colour. It has a 3L DOHC Motor, manual with a 3.9 LSD
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