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  1. Removed from Z32 but will also fit GTR. Stoptech big brake kit with 332mm slotted curves vane floating rotors, callipers, pads, and braided lines. $1750. Can freight.
  2. Parts are in the air -ETA to me including holiday delays etc is Jan 2. I’ll be in touch re balance and freight once I have the parts. In the meantime this is quite literally your last chance to order at $395/pair.
  3. Hey guys, I have been advised that these will leave the factory by end of this week. Not sure how we’ll go with Christmas delivery but either way shouldn’t be long now
  4. PM is always welcome and comes with a convenient email alert at my end I don’t have any shipping info yet so assuming not sent. I’m in pretty regular contact with the factory so as soon as I have something concrete I’ll post in here.
  5. Another brief update; spoke with the manufacturer today who have advised roughly twenty days to completion of the order.
  6. Just an update; I’ve been told the sample will be sent to me tomorrow. Once I’ve done a test for and confirmed everything is 100% the production run will be on.
  7. If you can’t get in with Mark try Andrew @ ASR automotive -literally across the road from MRC.
  8. Haven’t heard back since I PM’d you -I’ve got nine spots left so please let me know if you’re still interested
  9. Hey Guys, for anyone interested I'm organising a run of UAS pivoting upper control arms. Am aware of alternatives on the market but these being (easily) on car adjustable is a big part of why I want the UAS design on my own car. I have fourteen buyers on the Z32 forum and eleven spots available if anyone here is keen. $395/pair and I'm taking deposits $197.50 if anybody wants to split payments. I'm mainly active at the AUS300 forum but send me a PM via SAU if you're interested or have any questions and I'll get an email alert so should get back to you pretty quick. Have copied some more details below Some info below Why A Pivoting Front Arm? By design, the front camber arm is required to pivot as it travels through its arc as shown in the video below Without this pivoting centre, the centre of the arm is subjected to torsional load that leads to breakage, worn bearings, and failed adjusters. About the Pivoting Arms on Offer Improves suspension and steering as it allows unrestricted movement. They are harder wearing than the factory version and other after market control arms. Tig welded, zinc plated, alloy spacers with NSK Bearings Camber Adjustable Suits R32, Z32 "Street" Spec to correct negative camber on lowered cars. Total length can be adjusted roughly 170-190mn. Stock length is 178mm. Version 3 Camber Arms These will be Version 3 camber arms, which have been improved to address some of the issues experienced with the version 1 arms released in 2009. Key points include pivoting mechanism moved to the center, larger threads, and larger CNC machined body. They are on-car adjustable. Freight is not included with your order and will be billed with the balance. Freight to AUS: $20/pair All prices in $AUD.
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