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  1. Top 5? 1. Buy a PNM35 (3.5L) Seriously. For the VQ25det? 1. turbo back exhaust 2. plenum spacer 3. Intercooler 4. Intake filter (or full intake preferably) 5. Ecu flash
  2. Got a mate selling his HKS turbo kit with Stillen exhaust which should bolt up on a PM35. Nowhere near $10k. VQ25det plenum has very small runner holes compared to the VQ35. Not even close to matching up.
  3. It really isn't. Uses all the same screws and holes.
  4. Need lights, bumper, grill, bonnet. It all bolts in. I put an Axis S front on my old 250t years ago.
  5. Agree, nice to see another M35 going in for a facelift. Which bumper are you going with?
  6. Having shipped a grill previously, it isn't overly expensive due to the lack of weight.
  7. I'd say so. Won't fit either Axis though, only RX and ARX. Is it Dolphin?
  8. Series 2 grill is not as wide as the series 1 grill due to the larger headlights and the bottom section is lower into the bumper (I presume to make up for being narrower). Just went out to look at mine and it does look more like a series 2 (PM35) grill to me, but can't be 100% certain going off pics.
  9. Not that I need it, but are you saying that this is for PM35's and not NM35's?
  10. iamhe77

    spot the stagea

    Right, so it seems that I have become a bit of a magnet down here in Langwarrin for spotting Stagea's (in particular M35's). In the past 5 days: - Black NM35 parked on the nature strip outside a house in Pakenham (seen often) - Silver NM35 ARX followed me up Union Rd the other day - Gold NM35 with 350z wheels and Brembo's which I parked next to at Harvey Norman in Frankston. Not to mention the four or five C34's I have seen in the past week. Guess this can happen when you move from a Rural area back to suburbia...
  11. iamhe77

    NM35 undertray

    Pretty sure that a G35x undertray will fit straight up.
  12. Y50 is what you want. I have one on mine which allowed me to run V36 dual exhaust. Nick is correct, I had to move the carbon canister to allow for the muffler. Of note, if you are looking to put a V36 exhaust in there, you will need to "massage" the driver side muffler to clear the spare wheel well. Alternatively, you could always do a large single and then split it off after the sway bar to twin outlets.
  13. iamhe77


    Not a Legalis. Also, "Jazma" is not a brand but to do with being certified under a certain dB level in Japan (or something like that. I am old with a bad memory).
  14. iamhe77


    Indeed, $400 per year seems a "little" steep.
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