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  1. that is lovely. I really like that @ Jordie Lewis. Is that printed?
  2. Other than the fact one has a head gasket and one does not.. Both the NA and Turbo are the same block with different provisions added. As nissan normally do, there is just additional drill/tapping on the turbo model which is how you identify them. Nissan did the same thing with other models like the RB30 for example. The profile of which is only attributed to the actual build number on block. "75T" Just indicates it is a RB25 block. the 'T' does not mean turbo, this was just coincidence I'm pretty sure. the RB26 N1 Block for example is 24U. But its a 2.6 Litre Twin turbo.
  3. uhh bmw?. where is your skyline sir?
  4. hey man that is cool, yea that alpha one looks nice!.I can get one from jpjdm.com.au for 140 but they only got a abs one left, and mine is non abs. would you take 200 for it? happy to neg on that. Flick me ur contact number and ill buzz you about when/where i can pick up that spare. cheers.
  5. obviously nothing better... I'm damn sure there is alot better I have yet to try, just giving some user experience feedback to the oP . I should've pointed out my RSRs are softer ones. after reading this thread i cannot seem to find replacements for them them stocked anywhere.. did they stop making them? there only seems to be like 200tw or there abouts. where is the 93W-140s?
  6. Duncan is spot on. Cars don't like sitting. I would drive it for a bit and see if it fixes itself.. or... maybe run a good quality seal rejuvenator like the Liquid moly stop leak or something like that. then drop it out and run your normal oil and see where your at.
  7. i found my RSR's great in the wet.
  8. Thanks 'Torques. for your reply.. yep 30, 38, 48, connected already. thats why i was confused. Manual and various print outs on here suggest 56 went to tps. I also noticed 3 additional wires on the s2 loom for the tps line, which also don;t have a home but they are non essential. no idea what they are for. Anyone got a F3 plug pinout?
  9. Chasing a Space saver spare and a Tailshaft for R33 GTST manual, Located in brisbane.
  10. hi all, Building another R33 gtst. Almost finished repairing/combining 2 Harnesses' (series 2 auto tail) with Series 1 ECU front half. I found that on the Series 1 plug, Pin 56 (which apparently goes to the TPS according to the manual), is missing completely. there is no pin on on the plug. If anyone can tell me what 56 is and what its suppose to connect to (maybe series 2 TPS?). That would be helpful. also I really could use the F3 factory plug pinout (not in the manual) if anyone has one. Thanks a bunch!.
  11. weird I posted the pics, guess they didn't work. happy to negotiate on price, happy to take 5k flat, or 4k and swap for a plex knock monitor v2 with audio.
  12. Its great to see the forum still alive and well!, So much useful information on here and a great bunch of people. Whats the status of the SAU car clubs and management at this point?
  13. SilverECR33

    Open Sprints

    any info on the event ? links?
  14. a few Pics obviously the car is fully assembled now.
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