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  1. Rip on seat used to be fail worthy, seat cover???
  2. I didn't understand any of that maths, but very interesting to read, might have another read and try again, although I am loving the detailed updates and pictures, should be a sweet ride
  3. There is a 33 gtst in Perth that has porsche wheel arches welded on, I don't no the guy but seen the car and ask who pumped his guarded and then told me they are weld ons off a porsche, they looked good and wide but subtle enough not to look rediculous, had massive GTR offset TE37s under them,
  4. Does it require using the search function, if so, too hard
  5. Bubba that is no good mate, did he try turn in front of you do u mean? Hope the little punk has insurance!
  6. Not having a stab or anything, but you from word go was planning on running this thing sub 10 seconds, so why didn't u build it to andra spec to start with? Wouldn't that have been easier then all this down the track modifying?
  7. Yeh it's not too late to check, better to do it now rather then wait for the worst to happen,
  8. Like I have said in his build thread, if it was tunnel bored, he will need to make sure the machine shop he used, used arp specs or there will be a hole heap of clearence issues.
  9. U think det caused this? Really, I don't understand how? Please elaborate if u don't mind
  10. sorry for no reply, big weekend, i see that you got ur answers thru the FI section any way, good luck
  11. i didnt cut the back studs and i cracked my sump as there was no info about the back studs that i had read, i new about the middle for the drive shaft but wasnt running 4wd so didnt have to bother with that,
  12. Good move on the S14 front again, did u have heating issues with the S14 front? As it had a lot more air flow then the 180 front, and looked way better! Get a peddle box for coolness if nothing else
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