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  1. thanks slinky, the camera is just a go pro. its pretty good as it comes with the case and all the mount for the camera. you can get them in a hd version now as well which should be pretty awesome
  2. yeah that was me it goes pretty hard for a stock standard car and my mate had the other black S2 that was there. theres some nice shots, good work
  3. i definateley vote for twighlight at calder! with my engine build almost done for the GTR, should be a ripper year! cant wait
  4. I was there in my little silver S2000 carving up the feild. It was ok, but i found the number of cars on the track to be a bit frustrating. did any get any shots of my S2K, also my mate in his black one? cheers.
  5. from what i could see, it just looks like the lower arm broke clean in half, which resulted in the brake disk shattering and ruining the wheel and possibly the caliper. may need a hub assembly aswell, will nw more tomorrow when i can have a look at it at work. as for the day, i thought it was great. but some of the slower cars need to keep an eye out in the mirrors. there were a couple of casses where i thought the car in front was going wide to let me through, but then they cut into the corner and nearly took the nose off...
  6. well i reckon for $30 you cant go wrong. however, its gonna work out to be a little more expensive for me. im sure most of you wouldve seen the silver S2000 with the L/H/R wheel looking a bit wrong... well that was me. The result of the rear suspension collapsing on the exit of the long sweeper. ooooh yesterday was a loooooong day... but fun, these things happen... now i have two broken cars
  7. nah man, just rock up on the day a far as im aware. it would pay to get there fairly early as i expect it will fill up
  8. im heading up there in the S2k, first time ive done one of these days, interested to see how it goes.
  9. sorry i could make it out there today. sounds like you all had a good day. did anyone have any dramas? heres the timing for those interested http://www.natsoft.com.au/cgi-bin/results.cgi?27/06/2010.SAN looking forward to pics! *edit* just noticed there was a lambo gallardo on the list pushing some pretty quick times. was it race spec or something?
  10. just saw the entry list, 92 CARS!!!!! its gonna be chockers! shame i cant make this one.
  11. if i was to guess i would say not a vspec, awesome looking beast!
  12. Thats correct. at least now we can see that the GIO car is the hands of a very good steerer. though im not sure what happend in the last race on sunday. he bogged down off the line, then miss shifted going from 1st to 2nd, then i think he had an off around the southern loop because when he came back into view around the back toward the hairpin, he was dead last! it was awesome watching Terry carve his way through the field in the last race! he started at the back because he had a fuel pick up issue in the morning race (of which he was dominating!). in just six laps he managed to get from the back, up to 4th place (from memory). In the Friday qualifying session Terry clocked a 1:44.9819! thats one for track guys who are going to phillip island in april for the wrx club day to think about...
  13. shepo

    Herro Herro Herro

    where abouts are you sitting at the GP?
  14. Awesome car mate! certainly looks nice and clean, and original! how much is it setting you back if you dont mind me asking?
  15. thats a nice photo of me looking like a homo in the S with the top down.
  16. Im glad i could entertain you, i must admit the old Vtec doesnt sound too bad in full song. i was having a bit of trouble with oversteer throughout the day/night. the back was stepping out constantley!
  17. wow, i know you had a run bad luck with the car, but i cant belive that you can let something as minor as that get to you so much that you sell off the car! you had a real good thing going there. but at the end of the day its your decision and i respect that. its good to hear youve got another project on the cards. dare i ask, whats the new project? bye the way, has anyone got pics from last night? i noticed there were a couple of people on different corners with cameras.
  18. i was in group 6. sorry to here about your brake dramas, calder is always pretty hard on them. did anyone else think that the guy in the black BMW M3 with the load exhaust was a complete wanker? he past me on the freeway on the way home after the event, and it was like he was still on the track! he was driving at full noise, ducking and diving between the traffic. im sorry, but ive got no time in the world for idiots like that! what a looser! (just my 2c...)
  19. Had an awesome time! racing at night really ads a new perspective, i love and i think we should do it more often! i was stoked with the 1.13.5 i ran with my little stock s2000. now im just pumped for when i get the GTR back on the road!
  20. entry faxed - payment made im in! Calder park + Night time = MAD FUN!!!!!
  21. you will just have to come out and deffend it now wont ya!
  22. man, ive been wanting to get back to calder for years! damn the GTR being broken!!!!! stuff it! i will just have to use the S2000! im sure it will make a good back up car.
  23. shepo

    Fender Bender

    ok, i didnt see the commodore, i just overheard someone on their mobile saying "someone's hit AK" as i drove past.
  24. shepo

    Fender Bender

    um, not too sure of the coulour, i think it was a light colour. was there someone named AK or something?
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