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  1. awramenko

    My Second Skyline

    1987 Skyline Silhouette
  2. A GTS-X body has come up for sale, the car is complete except for the engine and gear box. is it possible to place a regular r31 engine and gearbox into the car, if not what sort of modifcations will i be looking at to make this work.
  3. i have no problem mounting the head unit, i just cant get to the wires, it looks like i need to remove the dash to place new wires properly, how do i do this?
  4. does anyone know if theres a tutorial or step-by-step how to rewire this car, i dont know the first thing where the wires run or how to get to them
  5. Hi, I have just bought an after market head unit for my 1987 skyline silhouette, i cannot find any wiring diagrams for the old 8 pin plug and ive seriously tried to figure out what goes where with the multimeter but the pins all seem to share a connections so im totally confused, lost and majorly f...ing annoyed after 3 hours. does anyone know the pin configeration for this?
  6. awramenko

    Awramenko's R31

    My First Skyline
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