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  1. thats heaps cheap. someone snap this up quick
  2. as far as im aware. the gauge cluster is in the GT-t models. the non turbo models have no cluster there.
  3. i havent got one in my car i dont think. r34 GT-4. i guess they would be an option.
  4. anyone know if my car is rare. ive got a 1999 r34 GT-4 ENR34 manual sedan. R33 GTR running gear in it also. cheers luke
  5. hey guys, sorry to bring up the old thread. just wondering with the AWD could i get a torque splitter and to change it? cheers luke
  6. hey people, got my r34 from japan last friday week. its a ENR34 4door all wheel drive. in compliance this week. big thanks to IRON CHEF IMPORTS what you think cheers luke
  7. the car is four wheel drive if that helps.
  8. hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows what this container thing in my boot is? cheers luke
  9. the model i got is an ENR34. its a very rare model. non turbo also... 4now.
  10. Well after long time waiting, the car arrived in adelaide yesterday. so went and picked it up and drove it home. very nice ride and loving the 4WD. big thanks to kristian from Iron Chef Imports. cheers luke now some more pics.
  11. regency will pass u with coil-overs? is this true?
  12. just got the call from brisbane saying it probably wont be in adelaide till after easter, as customs/ quarantine should be inspecting it on monday or tuesday. hate waiting.
  13. looks like there is something next to the battery going up the inner guard near the fuse box. the i guess the coolant one is next to the air filter box on the other side.
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