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  1. Has current rego. and can talk about getting a rwc. Everything should pass on it, nothing out of the ordinary with it...Think I was sms'ing you lol
  2. pretty negotiable on price if someone is interested... Forgot to also note car has an exedy button clutch as well.
  3. Hi guys up for sale is my 1998 Nissan skyline r34 gtt - turbo, manual. $15,500 ono, quite negotiable on price - pm or sms an offer. LOCATION: Victoria, Melbourne, S.E. Suburbs Reason for sale - plans and life have changed and looking to purchase a house. Mechanically in A1 condition - used just as a daily to and from work doing fwy driving, not thrashed, tracked, or raced. No finance or anything oweing on the car. No history of canaries/defects. CLEAR HISTORY/TITLE 1998 Nissan Skyline gtt - turbo, 5 speed manual KMS: 107,000 Full Genuine GTR C-WEST widebody kit, front bar, front 1/4s, side skirts, rear 1/4s and rear bar, gtr bonnet. colour: sonic silver 5 speed manual - Short shifter and neochro / TI arc gear knob HKS EVC VI boost controller - set at 9 psi 18 inch wheels aftermarket 3 inch dump pipe and front pipe. - 100 CELL stainless steel racing cat, GTR TOMEI EXPREME TI - full titanium 3 1/2 cat back exhaust hid/xenon lights Odyssey dry cell battery blitz pod filter splitfire coil packs front mount intercooler - no holes sunroof HKS HIPER D adjustable coilovers all around and lowered EBC RED STUFF brake pads front - been fitted for 2 months tinted tail lights interior in good condition always serviced every 5000 km with royal purple oil couple of cracks and scratches around the car - being low etc. Car will also come with but not installed: HKS 3037 turbo - 56trim - external gate version, bigger variation of the hks 3037,make around and/or over 300 rwkw with the right supporting mods with little to no lag (read around the forums about them), and GREDDY/TRUST exhaust manifold will also come with stock airbox If you have any questions/queries or want to inspect pls. sms me on: 0498 998 774, or pm me. Will post more photos, just putting up what i currently have.
  4. id be interested in the manifold. can we make a deal here with runkos? PM if you like..
  5. They were in the car since I purchased the car about 8 months ago. Secondary springs are helper springs like on teins. I upgraded to some hks shocks which are a lot stiffer more for track work. I'm letting these goes very cheap because I really have no use for them and they're just gonna sit here lol. They are made by Bridgestone Japan. Retailed around $1700-$2000 when new.
  6. **bump**. $200, just taking up space in the garage.
  7. Hi guys up for sale is a set of R34 GTT coil overs. Used but in good condition, no knocks or leaks. Great street coilover which can be used for track as well. Stiff not not to stiff where it is unforgiving. Paint peel here and there on the springs themselves. Heaight adjustable, little stiff to adjust only because they have not been adjusted in a few years. ITEM: R34 FRONT AND REAR COIL OVERS - WITH C SPANNER. BRAND: NPG - BRIDGESTONE JAPAN PRICE: $300 ONO REASON FOR SALE: UPGRADED SUSPENSION LOCATION: S.E. SUBURBS MELBOURNE. CONTACT: 0498 998 774 - SMS AND WILL REPLY pick up s.e. melbourne or can ship as well. Thanks guys.
  8. yes pretty sure cat is 3.5 as well...Ill have to check tonight for you guys when I post the pics up. It's been sitting in my garage for a couple of months collecting dust lol.
  9. Hey guys, I have an r34 GTT X Force stainless steel 3.5 inch cat back exhaust including aftermarket cat for sale. Photos will be up tonight of it. All in good condition, came off my r34 gtt. Bolt on directly. Reason for sale: upgraded and changed to full ti exhaust. Location: S.E. side of melbourne, pick up or can ship at buyers expense. Contact: p.m. me please. Price: $250
  10. Just a quick question? Out of al lthe boys here how many actually do go down prinny hwy on a friday night and actually seen the changes over a 10 year period? Not talking once a month or so im talking like nearly every friday night as its your thing you do? Also who actually hang out where these people cruise? If you do, you would have noticed how the car scene has changed. Seriously we are getting more younger and younger people out there and the reason half this shit is happening with so called hoons is because most of them are driving old beaten up shitters they could care less about. It's only that we "all car enthusiasts who actually have nice cars and do work on these cars ourselves and understand them" get caught up in this hype. How else are the cops and media meant to portray hoons if they started saying and showing that its mainly old stockers that are being flogged and most import drivers who do there cars up actually do take care of them, it would totally f**k things up. I think most people would agree and know that you can and could ge taway with more shit if your driving a normal car rather than your weekend warrior. Really, what we should be doing instead of bloody going ahead and going to this ACA so called interview is actually having a proper meeting with the police force (who ever there mediator is), have all the car forums group together (a single mediator from each forum and the general publuc) and have the media there. From this have an official talk about what is going on and how we can as a society sort this issue out if its getting out of hand. The next thing would be to then have a live debate on TV if they really want to get the topic out there. I think its quite unfair seeing the approach ACA are giving to some young people trying to entrap them in a situation they really dont know about. i'm not some do gooder either ive been there done that, hell my record with defects was 45 canaries in 6 months and 16 epa's, know more than a dozen cops who have quit the police force because they themselves did not want to part take in the actions where they were told to hammer down on car hoons/drivers, it was getting out of control in the force. It's the same thing over and over, get us a race track, get us a place for 1/4 drags etc. etc. Do you really think that will stop the 1000, people who meet up on prinny hwy every friday night? Half cant even afford to mod there cars properly...
  11. hey mate, i got a set as i no longer have a skyline the neo chro ti ones. Come with the both sockets for luck nut and std. nut, can have for $200. Pm if interested...
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