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  1. Dont be too hard on him... he did own a 4 door r33 after all Hiya timmy
  2. It's not just cleaning the afm, the soldering inside can crack due to age. I followed this http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/113284-fixing-your-rb26-afms/ Fixed my dramas
  3. Davis craig do a replacement. part # 5265. $230 odd iirc.
  4. Mine makes that noise too. Perhaps this may rectify the situation. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Di...se-t301992.html
  5. This seems like a cut n paste from here http://nissanskyline.6te.net/tuning_GTT.htm
  6. +1 for the poorly aligned flanges. Bought a jjr split dump/front pipe for my 33 & had to get the flange cut off & welded back on to fit. But is well worth the extras 50 bucks
  7. here's a pic of my smoked set. I thought the smoked would look better with the paint job.
  8. Yeah i thought there may be a little fine tuning. Guess its back on wif the old one then for the mo, bugger. cheers mate.
  9. So's i order a jjr split dump/front pipe to finish off my dump pipe back 3 incher & i start puttin it in today. Everythings going sweet, i get the oem dump pipe off & the aftermarket front pipe off, but then, because the jjr pipe doesn't have a kink in the front pipe like my old one, it wont line up with the cat without the muffler further down hitting the body work. I took the rest of the exhaust off, hoping to make things fit as i bolted each section back on, but theres way too much of a gap to attatch it back to the body. Would an exhaust place be able to bend my new pipe to put the kink in it? Cause i dont really wanna have to buy a new cat back. Here's a pic off my old front pipe with the kink Thanks y'all.
  10. Yarb, im doing a 200k service on my 94 as well. Got the timing belt kit from kudos.
  11. cheers mate, i've already taken the trim off and checked out the relay. Hooked it up without it in the little black box and can see it clicking away. So that seems kosher. Just need to know how the heck do i get the motor out? lol So many screws and do dads to yank at. Was'nt this complicated on my old 31 haha Dont wory, gentle is my middle name, actually its my last
  12. Don't suppose anyone knows how you would go about removing the power window motor? From what i can gather, it's down near the speaker? Its a bit hard to tell with all the bits & pieces in the door. I can see the relay moving, so i'm guessing it's the motor that's stuffed. Thanks peeps.
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