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  1. srf

    Pnm35 Build Thread

    Has not been on dyno. Throttle response is a million times better with the associated map edited. I am doing same turbo install as op. Only with a kit I put together.
  2. srf

    Pnm35 Build Thread

    I was the one who gave UPREV the 23710-7W060 ecu File. Car is a PM35. Pretty good tuning software. Not as straight forward as it should be but it works well.
  3. Do you have a log of ignition timing on a power run?
  4. Na factory ecu tuning. the last load pont of the rb25det map for ignition is super retarded. If your hitting that point it would cause problems. I was hitting it on the rb25det ecu with a straight pipe and a intercooler. Its just R and R which everyone goes on about. Dont have a clue how to tune an afc. If you bring down the afm voltage you could read of a lower load point i surpose?
  5. This is from http://www.sdsefi.com/ "In severe cases of retarded timing, the mixture is still burning when the exhaust valve opens. Because turbochargers are driven by the energy in the exhaust stream, high EGTs caused by retarded timing produce so much energy at the turbine that even a fully open wastegate cannot control the boost pressure. All in all, retarded timing is counterproductive to producing an efficient, durable, powerful engine." So at the retarded map with a very free exhaust the wastegate cant flow enough. I had 20psi with stock maps and went down to 7psi with a advanced ignition map. nothing else was changed If you did have a larger wastegate that would solve the overboost problem as would having more exhaust back pressure.
  6. I had this problem when i started tuning my ecu. With the stock ignition map, the ignition is so retarded that boost is uncontrollable. I fixed my ignition map and it was sweet.
  7. Remember. America use Ron+Mon/2 as an octane rating as apposed to just Ron.
  8. pin 54 closed throttle switch and 57 is power for the switch. By the looks of things.
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