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  1. looks good nick mate. good buy. least its not silver. ha ha.
  2. cant remember who owned it but was the Bayside Blue S2. spotted you today on Cockburn rd. Parked outside signs place. looking hot as always. forgot also seen two yellow S2's in midland area. plus saw that White S1 again. number plates I THINK I

    My Stagea

    mmmmmm nice rack. looks hot mate. good deal.
  4. MADE!!!!!!! lol dont worry brad we still like you. yeah least you get to have some fun with your shows. motorvation is a dismal event. love the fact the stagea can get the tyres spinning when rolling without to much effort. awesome.
  5. thats wild as. love it. need some out of car footage, and maybe a little drift practice. love to see the wags hanging it sideways round the track
  6. well out of 400 ever made id say a fair few have gone to ferrari heaven.
  7. you dont need your car for us to know that. he he. umm you could just find a simple vent. then get a panel beater to mould it into the bonnet. not hard for someone with knowhow.
  8. I was meant to get rid of my car a while ago but kept having more and more problems with it. I came on here to gather info on stageas. I thought what better way to do that than to talk and interact with current owners. Besides I thought this was an enthusiasts forum, Im an enthusiast. I would love to buy a stagea or a skyline, but being 20 and not in stable jobs has caused me to postpone my purchase.

    Sk"s Kit

    a 9" grinder will take some weight off. saw it on Viva La Bam when they put a sunroof in his Gallardo and made his hummer a convertible.
  10. ok ill give ya 13 for it and then you'll be able to import another one. huh huh fair deal. i think so.
  11. yeah i know that. I change everything every 5000kms or 6 months anyways. whichever comes first. but its the 100k with the previous owner is what Im worried about. I dont care if its been driven hard sometimes. I mean im not gunna nanna it around.
  12. yeah cheers brad. oooooo dark blue. nice. not many around like that. yeah I still gotta sell the mini, (well fix it first then sell it) so once its back from the panel beaters should be ok to go. yay. just yeah keeping my options open.
  13. hmm i did think that way. S1's have come down alot since I last looked. theres still one for sale in vic park, but the still asking to much I feel. might give em a hell low offer seeing its been there for ages. leather and dual sunroofs. drools.
  14. cheers guys, not to sure what sort of tests you can ask for before you get it. just there is an S2 for a reasonable price, but its got like 110000 kms on it.
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