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  1. I am happy to have random car update photos sent to me via sms.
  2. It was one of the first films I had on DVD. Will there be cake?
  3. Honda civics are the ones that can drive under trailers, eclipses get 2 of the big ones and supras are the ones that get overnight parts from Japan.
  4. SMS them to your French girls, nothing like lubricants to get them lubricated.
  5. SMS them to me like your French girls.
  6. Clearly we are missing out on some profits by not having liquor licences at our gyms. [emoji848]
  7. Rip no claim bonus
  8. If you want the pin loaded machines to work the muscles that they are intended to work you need to be using it correctly. The more weight you are using the more important technique becomes as you are more likely to hurt yourself by doing it wrong.
  9. How can they possibly survive on $75 a year memberships?
  10. 75 for what? A visit? A week? A month?
  11. That doesn't make it ok.
  12. It's not a h1 is it?
  13. A guy that used to work for us picked up a hks centrifugal Supercharger cheap years ago and found a way to make it fit onto his jet ski, apparently it wasn't fast enough as it was.
  14. Harsh? You mean Hamish?
  15. CPH is doing well with the latest run of announcements. Wouldn't want dez to buy in and crash it though.