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  1. I think they banned the sale of used underwear. So you can only buy new now, this news will clearly devastate you I'm sure.
  2. His curtains have never been the same since.
  3. Are 4 of them finding nemo?
  4. Yes. Just don't confirm it with the boss.
  5. The weather is nice today would be my current thought. My one before that was how much I was enjoying my sausage rolls for lunch.
  6. I would be able to see the piles of hate from over here if you did.
  7. Easy there big fella. Don't want to over complicate things.
  8. Some discarded rocks from work?
  9. I'm leaning towards the re-71r (don't expect more than 10k out of them). Most normal tyre shops can get them but won't stock them and they seem to be only a little more than the re003. Gordon leven in Sydney seem to keep the common sizes in stock (they only do motor sport tyres) tyres shops have referred me to them before as apparently they get priority over jax/Bob Jane etc on the high grip/short life tyres if you need sizes that aren't commonly brought into the country in qty.
  10. He would make the effort for that kind of insult.
  11. Pretty sure that's what you offer to dale if you want his foot inserted into your back side.
  12. So they stitch under the skin and then glue the skin shut?
  13. If your son drives you in you can treat yourself to a few extra deserts.
  14. No stitches? Do they just glue it shut?