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  1. Posing for a great calendar picture he can enjoy for the rest of the year?
  2. Adhd meds and anti-depressants? How I that going to keep you younger, that's more like what you feed into a moody kid to calm them down.
  3. He didn't say which ones. So the secret remains.
  4. Always
  5. If you can stomach the brand name tax that comes on the fluke gear. You rarely get a shit product from them.
  6. Can't put these things on the vf. It clearly states the finest cars on the photo.
  7. "No accident history, straight chassis." It can't be your old car, yours was clearly involved in an accident.
  8. Or walking on a beach in the middle of summer bare foot and burning the crap out of the bottom of your feet. Because you walked out of the camp site barefooted and figured there was only a bit of dry sand to cover until you got to the water, clearly shoes/sandals/thongs were more effort than necessary.
  9. That's going to go down well with the co-workers.
  10. That's a bit like saying you got the best kind of herpies, Neither scenario is great.
  11. What happened to fishing?
  12. Are you ready for your fishing trip now?
  13. 125cc? You might as well just buy a scooter.
  14. That safety gear he has on tho.
  15. We had a dual isdn connection provided by dad's work back in the late 90s or early 00s so he could do network admin stuff from home. Dat sweet 128k before broadband was a thing people had. My current boss started an ISP so he could offset the cost of having a t1 line installed in his parents house back in the dial up days.