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  1. TiTAN

    All the torque. Be like the gtst but more of it everywhere and the traction to use it.
  2. TiTAN

    They start their multiple minutes innuendo tirades and you just skip ahead a few minutes.
  3. TiTAN

    Were you keeping the twins or going single? -7 / -5 or gt30 / gt35?
  4. TiTAN

    You forgot the 6000rpm stall and trans brake to get his gtx45 or larger turbo to spool.
  5. TiTAN

    The Americans seem pretty good at making suspension/brake upgrade kits for older cars, I can't imagine the kit they were sent was cheap though as the full replacement ones for muscle cars to convert to disks and coilovers are quite a few $$
  6. TiTAN

    because if they wrote that it was a pile of shit with rust it wouldn't get any attention.
  7. TiTAN

    Still got them, unsure when I'm going to offload those ones, see if it keeps it's current growth or settles down.
  8. TiTAN

    Well. You know how big your next place has to be.
  9. TiTAN

    Get itloaded on a truck and driven over.
  10. TiTAN

    Making e85
  11. TiTAN

    You mean it's swollen. I was thinking literal blow up, like chunks.
  12. TiTAN

    Ow. How much swearing was there before he posed for a picture?
  13. TiTAN

    Who's hand blew up?
  14. TiTAN

    Relatives just sold their house in Malvern East to move to a smaller place. I thought being modestly close to the city it would be worth a bit but wow is property expensive there.
  15. TiTAN

    Bend them. Never cut plates as you can always unbend them if you need to, if they are cut you have to fork out for replacement plates if you get done for it.