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  1. TiTAN

    Get ambitious and aim for ceo?
  2. TiTAN

    She has to deal with kids though. Dezz only has to deal with childish adults.
  3. TiTAN

    One each?
  4. TiTAN

    The perfect wasteland accommodation on your next trip to Belgium. http://verbekefoundation.com/en/slapen/casanus/ Cas Anus. Only 120 euro a night.
  5. TiTAN

    But think of the pain involved in shitting it out.
  6. TiTAN

    Did the doctor expect your intestines to be missing?
  7. TiTAN

    A tic tac and 2 kool mints?
  8. TiTAN

    Are you the one telling the site workers they must wear long sleeve shirts and pants in the middle of summer outside while you sit in an air-conditioned room in your shorts and tshirt?
  9. TiTAN

    Control by Web do a 24v 10 zone sprinkler controller, connects to your network so you can remotely control it as well as having saved schedules.
  10. TiTAN

    What if I'm more of an aged cheddar kind of guy?
  11. TiTAN

    The apc or the machine gun?
  12. TiTAN

    Try harder. You can make it.
  13. Cheap engine, cheap parts, easy power.
  14. TiTAN

    Softer than a 60c cone at maccas.
  15. TiTAN

    Will you be pillaging any women so that they can work your fields in the spring?