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  1. TiTAN

    What about a neck brace?
  2. TiTAN

    Imo the whole point of buying a new car is that you shouldn't need anything more than off the shelf maps, if you want it wildly modified. Why buy new when you can get something older, spend the same money as the new car and get way more performance.
  3. TiTAN

    Do they offer an e85 map? Or only 91/93 maps?
  4. TiTAN

    Do they offer an e85 map? Or only 91/93 maps?
  5. TiTAN

    https://www.tyresales.com.au/search?search=brand&tyretype=passenger&p=on&delivery=nsw&brand=nitto&pattern=invo&width=245&aspect=35&rim=19&sortby=pricelowhigh Assuming the bus runs the same kinda spec rubber as the flog.
  6. TiTAN

    Wow. Those nitto invos are only ~$200 a corner.
  7. TiTAN

    Garage parking at night, off street during the day and low yearly km as I have a work van that does most of my km. Martin is probably helped by living out of town and working from home so he is much lower risk.
  8. TiTAN

    Golfs $900 a year with Allianz. Full comp @ 41.8k. 1500 a year for a 25 year old car worth less than 10k is a joke.
  9. TiTAN

    He wishes you would stop sending him your used nappies then he wouldn't have to scream at you, he has enough of them as is.
  10. TiTAN

    They aren't under 10k
  11. TiTAN

    What is the new best car under 10k?
  12. TiTAN

    All your intake and exhaust needs to be modified for the extra height, intake may interfere with the brake booster etc
  13. TiTAN

    30 is not same money. So much small shit has to be changed for the extra height you never think about. As someone who has done it, the torque is awesome, the initial install is far more involved than just bolting it in and Then you have the rego issues. The 2.8 is less of a headache, it's still a 26 as far as rego care and everything that unbolted just bolts back up. If you have the time/money and want the 3.2/3.4 then yes, it's awesome but don't expect it to be as quick to do or the same cost.
  14. TiTAN

    Your planners were having more fun than ours who's greatest achievement was putting the suburbs Harrison and forde next to each other.
  15. TiTAN

    I love that you have a north mole.