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  1. The market did not like being told they have to wait 6 months for winter to pass. On the plus side, Leroy is finally getting his artificial lift.
  2. I drove a friends magna wagon around for a while (modified skyline reliability yo), 97 (I think) 3.0L v6 manual. Could do a fwd single legger if you revved it up and dumped the clutch but was pretty gutless for the most part, but it took everything that was thrown at it and kept on going with just the usual minor servicing.
  3. Much to his daughters horror.
  4. He has enough problems with the pulsar he has already. Let alone a few more of them.
  5. Throw shit out/hire a truck with tailgate lift, should only be ~150 a day. Or, pay removalists to move the big stuff and packed boxes while you do all the fragile stuff.
  6. That's the build I mentioned to birds earlier.
  7. Still hung over at 3 in the afternoon? Must have been a big night.
  8. He doesn't want a hatchback though?
  10. Was the question "what should I make my boat anchor out of?"
  11. The LS works as it's compact and lightweight, also readily available for not a lot of $$$. why not an ls7 or lt4/lsa if you wanted to go nuts.
  12. LS is still a better answer. All the torque all the time at the cost of 50-60kg total added weigh for the conversion.
  13. It says 5 speed supra box. The getrag boxes from the mk4 are 6 speed, so it has to be the r154 from the mk3. Porsche fuel pump probably just means it's an 044.
  14. Why would you go a Lexus motor? Clearly an LS would have made as much or more power with far greater ease. Also, it has an r154 "supra gearbox". The more you read the spec sheet the more you are wondering wtf the builder was thinking when making those choices.
  15. Have you seen project thunderbolt on YouTube? Guy takes an mx5 and a flying miata kit and drops a 6L 370kw LS crate motor into it and to a standard where it's passable for a "that's how it came from the factory" appearance.