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  1. Your body is just protesting your decision to eliminate it's ability to produce further loin spawn. Hopefully it comes to accept what's done is done and it stops this protest swelling business.
  2. Yes. Or the first buy losses offsets the second buys taxes. That's the way the accountant told me to do it, treat all buys as individual transactions (as they are) and sales take shares out of the earliest transaction until it's done then move on to the next oldest. If you do it that way the tax office has nothing to argue about you doing anything dodgy.
  3. Treat every buy separately. First in, first out. If that individual buy is older than 12 months and made a profit it gets the reduced tax benefit. If the other buys aren't old enough they go full tax rate.
  4. That sucks, nobody wants infected spuds.
  5. Still black and blue or back to normal?
  6. Wait. There was supposed to be cake? I never got any cake when my 25 ate it's bearings. I feel ripped off.
  7. Think about the insurance costs. Like everything that's over 20 years old they aren't getting any harder to steal.
  8. Also up for consideration was "darkness my old friend"
  9. Just slightly more towards socially conservative. Otherwise basically the same spot.
  10. Selling stuff is a pita. That's why I still have a ported 4g63 head with 1mm oversize valves/Springs/ti retainers sitting in the cupboard and a high flow evo turbo. So much can't be arsed.
  11. One of these things Is more edible than the other.
  12. Aren't there rules limiting bond to 4 weeks?
  13. That savage panic selling on negative news for rmp and 88e
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