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  1. Eagle speedster?
  2. I feel you on the mega overtime. have done some 26-28 hour days. Get home, pass out on the couch for a few hours and then wake up for some dinner. Far from a good time.
  3. Short stroke big bore inline 6. All the awesome exhaust note.
  4. Clearly you are under dressed.
  5. So you take the only good thing about the mx5, it's handling and destroy it by slamming it 3mm off the ground with zero suspension travel. Makes perfect sense.
  6. Your sons a bit young to be sending him off to the mines, but a+ for thinking outside the box on lowering travel costs.
  7. So both your initial buy and this buy were huge then?
  8. Look on the bright side. Your average buy price must have plummeted.
  9. 0.027 less than half what you sold out for.
  10. All the km. In 2 months you do more km than I do in a year in my car.
  11. Reduced levels of management above you can be a good thing. I have one level and a side step to the ceo, the extra exposure does come with the ability to be able to tell other people to just bugger off and that what you are doing is happening and they are just going to have to get over it and move on, which is great for getting shit done. Though if you have to deal with office politics that's less applicable unless you are at the yolo end of the do I look like I give a f**k scale.
  12. Basically they gave you a heap of money to change roles within the company. It's a win for you, bit stupid on their part though.
  13. If it takes 15" for her to think it's huge she would be so very disappointed by everyone that comes after.
  14. I did the stereo thing a few times. Had moulded fibreglass enclosures in the skyline, I still have 2x type r 12s and a pdx1000 sitting in a box in the lounge room. Zero need for them in modern cars with decent stereo setups from the factory.