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  1. TiTAN

    Softer than a 60c cone at maccas.
  2. TiTAN

    Will you be pillaging any women so that they can work your fields in the spring?
  3. TiTAN

    Now you just need Lachlan to man the BBQ.
  4. TiTAN

    Clutch is a wear item imo. Unknown km and abuse too. Young kid, launches slipping the shit out of it. Vw dealerships aren't doing repair costs any favours though. I had a 3rd party shop fix my rear haldex pump and it was $800 installed vs $1500 the dealership wanted.
  5. TiTAN

    88e did an advertising push yesterday and did a trading halt today till the 12th. Good news or bad?
  6. TiTAN

    You would fit the fiesta and the golf for sure. There's a white 2013 one on car sales for 13.5 Also, you forgot the golf gti suggestion.
  7. TiTAN

    Avoid the mini. Once they have a few years and 100k+ km on them they fall to bits.
  8. TiTAN

    To this, fiesta st if you can get the budget there. 1.6 turbo, all the mod cons and great fun, also runs on e10 like a champ if it's not flashed.
  9. TiTAN

    It's only $1145.40 per kg
  10. TiTAN

    Cleaning your car is for plebs.
  11. TiTAN

    This seems like a mistake.
  12. TiTAN

    If you have the misfortune of coming to Canberra, brodburger is definitely a must visit.
  13. TiTAN

    Aren't you supposed to be at sema?
  14. TiTAN

    Coz sea freight.
  15. TiTAN

    95? That's a bit optimistic don't you think?