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  1. Helio

    Fine Costs

    Unfortunately for you the right thing is the solution. The fees are there to help ensure that people do actually pay in a timely manor, most financial institutions do this. So you are not getting out of the fees. If you had a payment plan and were not able honor it for any reason, then you should have got in contact with Civil compliance and made some other kind of arrangement. Just pay it off and be done with it.
  2. Hey Paul, I can help you out with someone for the painting. Send me a pm and I'll give you the details.
  3. Helio

    Fuel Issues

    There are no bad batches of fuel, it all comes from the same place. If there is an issue then it would most likely reside at site level. I would suggest that you contact bp if you believe there is a problem with the fuel that you purchased. See the link below for bp's Fuel Guarantee, and some other info that might be of use. Dirk Diggler, I would thought working for bp you would raise this as an issue with one of the business managers. From your post, you put Vortex in first, and all others after ran crap, so maybe that was the issue if your particular problem is related to fuel quality. Or it might be your car? And Toluene will end up giving you sooty spark plugs due to the high carbon content. bp Fuel Guarantee Fuel News
  4. Happy Birthday mate, have a good one!
  5. Helio

    I Hate People

    Was thinking that. Just got a call from the police and they tracked her down and gave me all her details. It will work out one way or the other.
  6. Helio

    I Hate People

    Thanks guys... Yea I always look on the bright side, every thing happens for a reason. Thanks for the info. Lol Adz, I almost did. Chased him to get the REGO, but stoped myself after that.
  7. Helio

    I Hate People

    Thought That I might have a rant. Was driving to work this morning when some a-hol was traveling to close to the center of the road and demolished my drivers side mirror. It was a fairly narrow road but safe enough for two cars to pass with out incident, or so I thought. The prick didn't stop, or even slow down. I turned around and caught up and got his rego, then reported it to my local police station. Won't go well with insurance though, if he doesn't admit to it, my word against his and no witnesses. F*#$&& pissed off. Any one have an idea on what a replacement mirror for a GTST 33 series 2 is?
  8. Not a good chance of getting compensated at all, VIC roads/counsels take no responsibility for those things. I know some insurance companies offer windscreen cover and tack the additional cost onto your premium, only about $60- odd dollars extra. maybe have a look into that for next time. Good luck, hope its not to expensive for you. Cheers
  9. Helio

    Spotted Thread

    Yea I live just around the corner.
  10. Helio

    Spotted Thread

    Spotted EMSTA in Lakeside Pakenham
  11. Helio

    Happy Birthday Mav!

    Have a great night Mav.
  12. Those pics are fantastic, good job.
  13. Fantastic work Bec, I'll take one and collect at the next meeting.
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