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  1. Hi all, sorry for the delay updating this, everything has been collected now thanks!
  2. Still hoping to give away Thursday; I'll let you know if they're still available after that.
  3. Hi all, Having a shed clean-out and I have a box of various interior trim pieces, including I think grey and woodgrain (ie. few door window switches, switch covers, brackets, few other bits), as well as a set of four series 2 wheel centre caps. If anybody is interested, you can have them for the cost of postage from SA (estimated weight is 1kg, say 2kg to be safe, box approx. 40cm x 40cm x 30cm). Couple of photos attached. If anybody is interested in an RS-FOUR V centre display, I might put that up in a separate post. cheers David
  4. FYI so long as you support the vehicle via the chassis (ie. on jack stands) and not the suspension (so that you get some suspension droop) it is not necessary to lower the subframe on the S2 stagea. I was standing next to the guy who removed mine and he did not lower the subframe (but he had a hoist, so there was that). It wasn't particularly easy to get at the accumulator but it was easier than on BNR32.
  5. No that sounds about right. 7 years is how long it took my brand new unit to wear out. Although one other thing which can cause the symptoms is a low 12V circuit (bad battery/alternator/connections). But the accumulator is a high pressure gas canister with a moving seal, and they seem to become a bit leaky over time.
  6. Interesting. I have another accumulator which didn't click tooo much if you'd like to try that. If it improves things, then it's probably the accumulator. Otherwise, I have another whole pump assembly just sitting in the shed...
  7. Good news. It may be a new unit, however, is it actually charged? Only takes a few seconds to swap the old one back in to test.
  8. Of course there is always the possibility that the new accumulator is dead. How does it run with the old one back on, any better? I have a half-flat one if you'd like to test it. At least it would be better than what you're currently experiencing - if it's the accumulator.
  9. Yes could be air in the system. Is the reservoir in the boot full? Also, there is a bleeding procedure; there's a wire with a jumper in it under the driver's side dash. You just take the jumper out and turn the ignition ON to run the pump constantly. You do this with each of the bleed nipples open, one at a time - be careful not to let the reservoir in the boot get too low. There is one bleed nipple at the front and one at the rear of the transfer case I think. It is listed here somewhere. Lots of fluid should come out when the pump is running. I find it actually takes a good 10-15 seconds to charge up the accumulator when you replace it too, so if the system is not running for more than a fraction of a second at a time something must be up. Failing all that, I have a complete ATTESA pump assembly (minus accumulator) sitting in my shed if you want it.
  10. DaveB

    Ac Compressor

    I replaced both, I was concerned about the wear around where the pulley bolts on. It looks as though it might not sit flat anymore.
  11. DaveB

    Ac Compressor

    Pulley is a bit worse for wear. Replaced it, and replaced the bracket. For reference, in case anybody has to do this in the future (I can't think why you would but...) the bracket can be removed without too much trouble. Need to unbolt the compressor from the bracket, then unbolt the bracket from the engine. Remove airbox and two top metal intake pipes for clearance, as well as remove power steering pump (lines can remain attached) and move out of the way a bit. Plenty of room.
  12. DaveB

    Ac Compressor

    Well, it might not be my compressor... The noise eventually got worse even with the AC turned off, and I found this: It chewed up the belt and I cut it off. Need a new bracket and pulley now. There is sparkly alloy dust all over the swaybar etc. Anybody know what could have caused this? The bearing still seems OK, oddly enough - spins freely and without noise or resistance.
  13. DaveB

    Ac Compressor

    Hi all, The AC compressor has begun making noise when it's working (clutch engaged), a bit like a diesel but quieter. I'm guessing that's not good? Anybody had this before? cheers DaveB
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