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  1. I saw this on the day... Awesome photography and great quality prints. I was extremely tempted to purchase... But decided against it. Could pay for another event entry!
  2. Bec, I noticed in the Supp Regs that it states " • Entry is open to members of affiliated car clubs." Is this something new? I have a group of mates that want to enter who are not members of any (paid) car club.
  3. Entered. Will be there with something new
  4. Thanks Andrew. If I could be his instructor that would be perfect.
  5. Entered along with a mate. Any news on whether driver training will be run on the day and how it will work? The is my mate's first track day.
  6. Awesome!! Do we know if they are going to run the back track? Or skid pan only?
  7. Josh_TypeX

    Entered. First time on the track for far too long.
  8. Josh_TypeX

    Entered. Time to find out if this car still works.
  9. Josh_TypeX

    Hey Mate, are you interested in a swap for a Forester with full WRX driveline? Quick car and very practical.
  10. Entered Looking forward to finally breaking into the 1:3X's!
  11. John they're mine, will take them asap
  12. The fronts are pretty camber worn too.. Definitely not roadworthy