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  1. Awesome man - nice work! I'd love full specs on the black one .... the GTR too.
  2. I agree -- at 58Y to 1 AUD -- i read a quote saying that's its "as low as the second world war" I export and lock in FX gains when theyre there -- a forward exchange contract can be taken out to 2 years with major Oz banks -- Im wondering what term Nissan Australia locked their rate to...? Yen vs AUD 10 year average 79.9500 , 5 year 88.37 , 3 year 92.79 , 1 yr 95.34 -- today 58.56 -- that's a huge crash, roughly equal to the lowest point in the last 10 years. An optimist would say it couldn't go lower -- anyone want to take a punt? Anyway, the issue is that the GTR's bang-for-buck status will wash away along with your superannuation returns for the year.......
  3. In case that d/l doesnt work: Since the unveiling of the GT-R PROTO at last October's Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan has continued development of the legendary GT-R sports coupe. And while details about the next generation GT-R have been few, one important piece of information was made public today. Mr. Carlos Ghosn, President and CEO of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., kicked-off the New York International Auto Show with the exciting revelation that the GT-R will be sold in the U.S. as the Nissan GT-R. As part of his keynote address at the International Motor Press Association Breakfast, Mr. Ghosn said that when he unveiled the GT-R PROTO, Nissan had not yet decided whether the GT-R would be sold as a Nissan or an Infiniti in the United States. Mr. Ghosn also expressed enthusiasm that the heart-pounding GT-R will build on drivers' passion for the Nissan brand. This communication is first in a series leading up to the launch of the Nissan GT-R. As part of an exclusive group, you will be among the first to receive information and special insights into the development of the Nissan GT-R. ©2006 Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.
  4. check out this GTR Proto communique -- GT_R_s_U.S._Nameplate_Announced.htm
  5. Thanks - going to Tokyo Motor Show -- will post pics of unveiled 35 ... I might wait for it ..... ???
  6. This 34 was bought brand new by a well known Australian Billionaire .. I have no copies of papers .. sales agents to me were www.uniqueautosports.com.au ... John Penlington can validate my information
  7. Item: Black GTR34 VSpec 15000kms Location: Hobart Tasmania Item Condition: Top Condition Reason for Selling: Building, Upgrading Price and Payment Conditions: 85k - please pickup personally as this car is genuine Extra Info: Apexi FC, Stainless Exhaust, 1.3 Bar Contact Details: 0412 125 876 as seen in Issue 22 Speed Magazine
  8. Justin, I see the picture now. Hey, Im 32, a devoted R owner but I dont let it control where I want to go. I control the toys in my life not the other way around. It has only been this way since I was about late 20's or so...this means there is a game of which autos/boats/bikes etc are but secondary items. Chalk it up to experience, toe squeeze your go-fast pedal, and create the next chapter. So ur phasing out of the place, I can see why. Come back and utilise your experiences gained for yours or others benefit. Always two reasons for everything ... that means Im either full of ideas or full of crap Mac
  9. After a gruelling race - here are the outrights -- Note the GTR is victorious..... 1 John White, TAS- Jason White, TAS Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II 17:14 2 Greg Garwood, TAS- John Allen, QLD Porsche 911 Turbo 17:20 3 Jim Richards, VIC- Barry Oliver, TAS Porsche 911 GT3 CS 17:53 4 Rex Broadbent, VIC-Michael Goedheer, VIC Daytona Coupe 26:24 5 Kevin Weeks,SA-Jahmeil Taylor SA Porsche 911 GT2 27:43 6 Scott Juniper,QLD-Dan Bowden, QLD Porsche 911 Turbo 28:39 7 Jeff Beable, VIC-Nerida Beable, VIC Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec II 29:25 8 Ric Shaw, NSW-James Parish, NSW Mazda RX7 Series 8 RS 29:33 9 Tony Longhurst, NSW-Michael De Vere, QLD Subaru Impreza WRX Sti 29:36 10 Stuart Appleby, VIC-Peter Burrey, NSW Lamborghini Gallardo 30:37
  10. For the record, I didnt drive the car after VIP checked it, didnt check the oil as VIP menttioned no problems with it, sold it for cheap therefore didnt change the tyre, arrived in Sydney with suggested problems... I cannot pinpoint the guilty party myself.
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