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  1. what colour code is that kr4?
  2. my mistake i’ve plumbed it wrong follow Tials instructions PROPERLY and they’ll work fine
  3. i have the same setup i followed tial’s spring chart for 23psi for some reason we had boost reach 37 psi i used two springs not the recommended 3 springs and boost stayed around 20psi i would start with two and a 4 port mac valve that way you can go 20-40psi
  4. as it says i need numbers off blown rb26 i can pay $100 or or two 0404301881
  5. rb26 titanium retainers were installed and removed from a new engine they were swapped for the offset Toneu ones $250
  6. was going on my 33 gtr but looking for more streetable cam
  7. -5s! while there maybe some newer tech out there these are proven too work well, 330-370 dependent on health and supporting mods had them on 34 gtr, no real lag (as reving past 5k was always the case
  8. anyone wanna let me borrow an r33 gtr rim I need it for a day only I can leave some cash if you like bexley area preferred 0404301881