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  1. I try to make my GTR on turbonetics 62-1 stg V .63 - T3 hot side. http://www.turboneticsinc.com/turbomatrix.htm I try to calculate it and study compresor map and I think it well be fit witch small lag. I hope it well be like gt3240 garett. In Poland it cost me turbo 1000$ US dol mainflod 300$ wg 100$ downpipe and all pipe work 200$ by my self For me it is a cheapest option (I broke my std turbo) I have Blitz sus power intake stock AFM, exhaust 88mm, walbro fuel pump, fuel pressure and I make chip by my self. If I well have 450hp+ at flywell and quick response i would be happy. Do you think it is possible (maybe I buy turbine on monday if you agre witch my project) Second reason is that car must be lefthand drive and it well be easier to do it witch single downpipe. I make the conversion RHD->LHD for R33 - www.skyracing.pl
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