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  1. cuz its a conversion that hasnt been done all that often, information is not available.. no wiring diagram for the engine unless someone would like to try find one in Japan, cuz Nissan Australia didnt help. Decs is the best R31 Mechanic in Australia..... most of that is Labour cost as well!
  2. Hey guys i am selling my project car its a 1989 R31 Oz delivered 4dr. it is pretty much standard with a custom retrimmed interior with Recaros, before returning to standard i had spent $20k on this car. Build thread here : CLICK HERE Engine is a VQ30det from a nissan gloria - 3L v6 single turbo with auto box. The engine is wired up and mounted, plus cooler fitted and nistune mounted (this all costing $10k) only thing needed is to wire up the transmission 1/4 done or put a z32/33 manual box in. This car owes me so much over the years..... I am selling due to poor health that might result in a prolonged stay in Hospital. I am after $6000 ono to pay back work done on the car and to put aside for medical bills. please PM or contact me on 0433480994 or Decs at Garage7 (08 8398 3107) as he has done most the work on the car
  3. WANTED: z32 5 speed gearbox, with shifter please...
  4. anyone able to pick up my car (tow) from garage7 and then return it to garage7 at the end of the day??? id like to put her on display... R31 VQ30det, kit, wheels, paint, retrim interior, shiney stuff
  5. cheers for that ill give him a call tomorrow
  6. hey guys.... im searching for a gearbox to make love to my VQ30det in my R31...... can anyone help regarding this.... i know a 350z box bolts on but its finding one that is an issue...
  7. REV-031

    Car Ramps

    id love a set of these... been going a round to car yards to see if they have any display ramps availabel for me to purchase etc or steal
  8. should probably get my forms in.... decide if i should do the track event or not?? this will be my first ever track event if i do
  9. so excited..... also unsure if my car will be there...
  10. decs used to tune with jeff using all makes dyno..... Garage7 is for you
  11. 15 x 8 -26 .. i believe.. havent taken them off to find out exactly as they came with the truck.
  12. ^^^^^ my daily..... and then the not so daily driven....
  13. can anyone help me out .................. PLEASE i need transmission wiring diagrams for a Y33 Gloria engine is a VQ30det please i really want to get my R31 project car finished pm if u can help
  14. WANTED: R32 brake master cylinder.... and booster if you wont seperate.... must have 3 line inputs.. one for each front caliper and one to the rear!!!
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