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  1. Over the diff is pretty hard to do in 3 inch... unless you crush it a bit to make it 'Oval' If you can get some pics that would help for later on!
  2. From memory the turbo injectors dont have a resistor pack... (I think most of the work is done by the 3x injector drivers in the ECCS computer) I'll look on the wiring diagram for you.
  3. AHH I remember this one! Probably 5 or 6 years ago, I think 'Rob' was the owner/builder. He had somethign to do with aircraft engineering at Morabbin Airport. Was supposed to be mental quick, traction issues in 3rd gear in the dry even. AN excellent base for a fast project car.... sigh......
  4. Spotted pink R33 with groovy tunes Adelaide ave fri night after 11pm... I was on a 9km bottlo run ( on foot!)
  5. WTF!!! try typing 'bird you eat at christmas beginning with T' the sphincter of the universe
  6. Who keeps 'gating' up hopeton cct then hitting the roundabout at the red hill lookout turnoff? Im trying to go cold the sphincter of the universe on fast cars... YOUR NOT HELPING.... sounds fken great!!!
  7. I thought it was harleys doing victory runs up through Deakin, but it made my head jiggle!
  8. http://ozdat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=53&t=28540 You will be very lucky to find anything better than this for similar money....
  9. Ghost, I'm just a phone call away mate, free most evenings!
  10. I can give it a 'rebuild' for you if you like... (disassemble housings, soak in acid bath overnight, pressure wash/rinse/ soak in WD40) Will look as good as new!!
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