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  1. I'm after a carbon fibre bonnet for a R34 GTT. Used or new, any colour, preferably under $500 Can pick up from anywhere in Melbourne.
  2. I got quotes of around $5K so mine wont get written off or repaired as my excess is $3K Can you claim and get the cash instead of repairing it with Just Car?
  3. I asked my old man and he said that 40 years ago everyone was doing it and the cops didn't care, they just regarded it as a bit of fun. Seems like these days they just want to do it for the sake of getting young drivers off the roads.
  4. One set sold! Only one set left! PM me quick to grab it !!!!!!!
  5. I have 2 pairs of R33 gear and handbrake boots left over from the group buy last year. Real leather, excellent quality boots! The metal base on these is bendable so you can make any modifications easily when installing. $55 a set or you can have both for $100 (price includes free express post to anywhere in Australia). If your interested please PM me or post here, only 2 pairs left then no more boots.
  6. Same here my excess is $3500 >__< Has anyone found an affordable way to pop them out yet? I have dints all over my bonnet, roof and boot EDIT: LOL just found this but I doubt it would work too good
  7. same here, thats the best one to get it through
  8. PM sent but no reply? If anyone is interested please PM me
  9. Quick payment, and excellent communication. Great person to deal with!

  10. your welcome if anyone else is interested please PM me
  11. PM replied but a while back, but still no reply from you krazyie32? I have only 2 spare sets left from the group buy, if anyone wants a set please PM me or post here
  12. We need 8 more for the group buy! If anyone is interested please PM me or post here
  13. Quick payment, and excellent communication. Great person to deal with!

  14. new group buy open, if anyone wants a set please PM me
  15. 2 spare sets remain, if anyone wants one please PM me
  16. spotted a black r32 and yellow r34 at the carwash corner of ftg rd and stud rd with an undercover cop talking to them
  17. I don't think they come with factory alarms, so if yours has an alarm its probably aftermarket
  18. wiring diagram for R34: http://www.installdr.com/Harnesses/Nissan-Wiring.pdf it is the 2nd diagram, should be blue going from what it says there is one in the standard loom if you tested all the wires with a testlight and couldn't find an ignition switch, check that your radio fuse hasn't blown if it hasnt blown and you still cant find the right ignition wire, make sure your testlight is grounded right
  19. I have only 1 spare set left for R33 from the group buy. If anyone wants it PM me
  20. I have 3 spare sets from the group buy if anyone is interested PM me
  21. Quick payment, and excellent communication. Great person to deal with!

  22. yep PM sent if anyone else would like a set please let me know
  23. The new group buys are a new product and are made with a new bendable base and different material (this is because I did let the supplier know and as a result he changed the base). I'm 99% sure I would have offered an apology to you, and if I didn't I'm sorry, but if you wanted a refund or a swap to another boot I could have organised it with you easily if you had told me so
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