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  1. Thanks for the video link, I didn’t know about that dedicated drift track in Archerfield (Brisbane) Will have to go spectate one day. Serious skills to do that stuff. Makes me keen for another skid pan day. Cheers Mike
  2. thanks GTSBoy - that lines up with my "updated" view of how the sandwich plate works and the temperature of the lines to/from the cooler... My original understanding was incorrect. Just waiting for my 1/8 NPT tap to arrive to get the sensor installed. cheers Mike
  3. ongoing noob questions... ...in this photo it looks like the oil from the engine goes out the right hand side port - is this correct? cheers, mike
  4. good call! Maybe I mis-read the diagrams, or I don't have a Greddy sandwich plate, but during the track session today, checking the temperature on the outside of the braided lines going to/from the cooler showed a 8-10 degree difference - but the line I thought was coming from the engine was the cooler line. I checked it numerous times just to be sure - a consistent 8-10 degree difference. I'll put the temp sensor into the hot side - but I'll go back through all the diagrams to see how I got it wrong...based on the temperature readings the blank plug is on the correct side to tap for the new sensor (1/8 NPT tap on it's way via eBay). cheers Mike
  5. the weather wasn't great - wet track which refused to dry out between showers. A mate predicted a ute would go off within 10 minutes of starting - it took 8. Still fun, but so slippery, and a heavy shower in the middle of the session meant the track remained wet the whole session. The weather was fine when I got there, but the track was damp, so I decided to put the money of a day license ($20) towards a year license ($65) - helps motivate me to do some more track time, and the license works at Lakeside also. cheers Mike
  6. the weather doesn't look fantastic for tomorrow, but a few sprinkles of rain should dry out pretty quick. should be loads of fun. cheers Mike
  7. apologies for the double post - not sure why that happened...bloody Tapatalk on the iPhone 😂
  8. Read what Slap said above
  9. Read what Slap said above
  10. Nice car - and welcome to SAU! Looks like the steering wheel is still on the "wrong" side for you guys - are you allowed to drive them like that where you live? I don't think you would ever need 1000cc injectors on an RB20, unless you fit a big laggy turbo and run on E85 fuel? The new injectors these days can manage a wide HP range much better (ie a big injector can manage fuel OK for low HP) - but what sort of HP gains are you chasing in your RB20? Checkout the RB20 turbo upgrade thread for info on getting results from the RB20 https://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/103095-rb20-turbo-upgrade-all-dyno-results/ I have an R33, so I've never looked at the thread. I'll likely get flamed by the R32 GTST crowd for this comment, but many owners in Australia with an RB20 in the engine bay look to other engines if they're seeking big HP gains (eg RB25, RB26, RB30, 1JZ, 2JZ, Barra etc). I'm sure with the right mods you can get your RB20 singing, with ample power for a street car - I just don't think 1000cc injectors is the best 1st step. cheers Mike
  11. Hi guys, I'm heading out to Queensland Raceway on Sunday 3/3/19 for Torque Time's Brekky and Laps (weather dependent - if it's raining I won't go, but otherwise I'll be there) http://www.torquetime.com.au/product/breaky-laps-3-3-18 It's a completely different format from the old days when Noel and the other guys of SAU QLD used to organise Happy Laps at QR or Lakeside, but the last one I went to ended up loads of fun. At QR with 4 straights it ends up being a long series of informal rolling start drag races - you end up cruising around each corner, looking over to who is next to you, give a nod, and nail it on the sraight, repeat, repeat... You don't get to go fast in the corners, but it's surprisingly lots of fun - with an amazing mixture of cars from hot hatches to old school V8s to Lambos etc etc. If you come out I'll be in a white R33 GTST - come and say hi. cheers Mike
  12. thanks for the very kind offer Johnny - the community of SAU is a great thing! unfortunately I'm in Brisbane, but it shouldn't be too hard to sort. cheers Mike
  13. Sounds like the best option is to swap the blanking plugs (the correct side is the one with the likely BPT nipple) and tap the other plug with 1/8 NPT Cheers guys Mike
  14. I found lots of useful info - including the flow info - cheers
  15. thanks @GTSBoy - I figured as much... Another noob question - forgetting sandwich plates for the moment - from my interweb searches it looks like the oil flows out of the engine through the perimeter (outside) ports of an oil filter, then through the filter and back through the middle where the filter screws on - is this correct? I might try a lazy option first - use a laser thermometer on the 2 braided lines to the cooler - pull up during a spirited drive and the return line "should" be a few degrees lower in temperature (assuming the oil cooler is doing its job)??? I'll pull stuff off if I need to, but I also like to apply the "if it's not leaking, don't muck with it" approach... The oil cooler/sandwich plate was fitted in Japan (I'm the first owner from import) and there are some other GReddy bits on the car, so I took a punt and searched for Greddy oil cooler bits. this looks similar to this on my engine still interweb searching for detail on the GReddy kit, but from other 'net photos I've found it looks like the sensor port on the left/upper gold bolt is on the correct side for measuring the hot oil from the engine rather than cooler oil returning from the oil cooler. Unfortunately I can't find detailed info on the GReddy site , but the hopefully the laser thermometer approach will confirm this...but swapping the bolts/plugs over is easy if I need to... What are the chances the 1/8NPT sensor will screw straight into that sensor port on the upper/left gold bolt? cheers Mike
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