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  1. After an s2 R33 themostat housng in S.A. only
  2. well u just made yaself look like a dickhead didnt ya you say 50 is a good price and quote one for 70. Smart flamin mongrel arent ya
  3. firstly if your not gonna be of any assistance why bother posting. sebastion: $50 each is f*kn rich i can do better in adelaide from a wrecker. Since when is shopping around a crime i sugest you keep your bullshit comments to yourself.
  4. haha not a chance mate thats richer than gold! thanks anyways
  5. This RB20 was in my 32 and has done 135,000 according to the odomoter.Was running perfectly when pulled out but It started breathing a bit and leaking air out the dipstick hence why it suits rebuild. In adelaide pickup only. Cheers $500.00 firm
  6. looking for rb25 dip stick and coil pack cover in adelaide only ... thanks
  7. looking for a Rb25 cam cover to suit vct in good condition preferably in adelaide, Thanks
  8. I concur with 'Rapidflow' i just completed this changover this weekend running a pfc and so far have found the only thing i cannot run is the vct which atm is no biggie. Everything else is compatable.
  9. thanks mate i ended up doin the same thing just had to grind the locaters off the back of the rb30 rubbers. A much cheaper option.
  10. As a cheaper option im going to try RB30 engine mount rubbers on myRB20 mounts on RB25 into my R32 can anyone tell me if this is possable? From what i can tell they are very simular if not identical
  11. Ive just rebuilt a RB25 and am in the proces of swaping the engines over. Now since i dont use hicas im interested in removing it all together (lines and pump) so i need to know what punp to use and am leaning towards using a RB30 pump but not sure how compatable they are, can anyone confirm this for me?
  12. obviously there is no difference for access between the two so i asume you mean to replace so often which also is no hassle as i am runnig a greddy copy plenum. Thankyou for all imput
  13. ive always used platnums so iknow no different but by the sounds of it copper plugs are just as good for half the price. Changing ever 10k is no biggie. Is there any cons towards using copper plugs?
  14. looking for a part number for ngk platnums so i can order them from motor traders. Is heat range 6 what im after for rb25 stock internal running big turbs mild boost? cheers ryan
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