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  1. Yeah I've been to one meet with Boosters. Seem OK.
  2. Ahh.. that's where I put my best times (signature block) Been wondering where they went.
  3. Wow I remembered my log in. Not been on for probably 7 years. Interested if anyone want to go out to a track day once in a while.
  4. I want a quote for something similar
  5. Same trucks been delivering since the start. FAQ says Mobile. Seen the same trucks refilling Caltex and Shell if that makes a difference.
  6. Not sure if anyone answered the question on fuel source. But according to the Costco FAQ it's Mobil.
  7. Another great night it looks like. If on a weekend I would really want to come up. But 3 hour drive on a weeknight then another 3 hours home is not an option.
  8. Sure is dog friendly, not sure about the rangers though
  9. Looking really fast there, great updates.
  10. May have an interested party at certainly the lower end of the scale for price. I'm thinking $15K stock car, - 3.5k second hand engine, -1.5k install of engine, -1.5 clutch & install + unknown $k for Mods (yes I value mods highly) Why the change in battery? 350kw+ on a stock engine? 300-320kw standard with just bolt-on's, what boost/fuel are you running, that a new clutch "will" make 60+kw.
  11. might get a quicker response in a technical area mate.
  12. Sorry just did the 31 May. Would love to chase you but with your new power and less weight, we are just not in the same class anymore. Planning on the 10 Aug with WRX club & 2 November with HSV & Corvette club. If you haven't done so before the NSCC days have a lot of very quick cars around your times
  13. Car: R33 GTR Where: Wakefield Park Lap time: 1.08.255 Timing method: Natsoft (1.08.174 with Q6000 GPS timer) Mods Stock engine with bolt on's (laggy -5 turbo's) about 300kw Federal FZ-201 (medium compound) Brakes: AP racing front Weight: Full weight car 1530kg + fat ass driver as well Suspension: Lots of bits
  14. Awesome clip, I can confirm the Rusic unit is a good and noticeable addition to any GTR
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