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  1. Awwww thanks guys!! Thats very lovely of you all P.S. Kris....love your avatar!!
  2. i will whore up her profile as I please - she doesnt mind...or does she? :S

  3. Awesome piccies Sawah!!
  4. I'm a Key Account Co-Ordinator for Amcor Fibre Packaging Basically i look after the big/major accounts
  5. HMMM emsta stop whoring up her profile lol

  6. Get well soon Lauz I hope recovery goes well for you
  7. there is a t-shirt I want to get for you - but I cant find it - its pretty hilarious - uses that word "Ruff" in it hehe

  8. My dad saw it on the freeway the other day!!
  9. Spotted 'FLYEN' on Toorak Rd at about 5:45pm last night.
  10. Whereabouts in Richmond? I'm in Richmond also.
  11. Some people just like having fun with their plates.....don't see the problem with that
  12. I've seen STIKLR a few times!! I've also seen NOSTI on a WRX!!
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