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  1. haha cheers. just being a lazy prick
  2. Hey all can i remove the rear parcel shelf in the sedan to install coils without having to pull the seats out also?
  3. Damn thanks! Would the coupe front and sedan front be the same? I'd think they would be
  4. Does anyone know if the front windows and rear window regulators are the same?
  5. what would a 265 35 on a 19 rear do?
  6. Hey all does anyone have any side pics of r34 gtt running 19s? and then others running 18s? Im tossing up which way to go but cant find any decent pics showing 19s
  7. Adz2332


    does anyone have a side shot of a GTT running 19s? and then another running 18s?
  8. could you plz pm me a rough idea on cost and what spring ratings i can choose between etc
  9. do you have street essentials for the r34 sedan?
  10. As above coilovers to suit r34 sedan prefer softer as its just for street use
  11. Wanted a new daily and this r34 GTT sedan auto came up. Pretty clean inside and out. Running 205kws with a nistune has a turbo back exhaust and am performance blast pipes Few other bits and pieces. Wont do to much to it performance wise, will have to do something about the auto. either a manual swap or speed up the gear changes!! Will add some coilovers, new wheels and a bit of body styling
  12. Haha ! Yer I am mate. Cheers. I'll drop in
  13. Hey all Picked up my new 34gtt sedan auto on the weekend. 206kws and feels and runs nice. The auto box is painfully slow in shifting gears, even bounces off the red line before shifting. What are my options if I want to make shifting quicker and a lot more punchy? New to autos! I'm in Adel if suggesting work shops
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