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  1. all this is doing is making me more confused over sedan 34 fitment haha
  2. any chance of 10.5 +30 fitting on the rear of a r34 sedan? and 9.5 +23 front?
  3. Hey all Im in the market now for a R35 GTR Ive been looking around at the ones in the 2009 era. What conman things should i look out for? What problems can i get checked? I would most probably take it to my tuner to run his eye over to
  4. Not sure that helped. If anything more confused haga!!!
  5. gives me something to think about. what is the price diff between the 2?
  6. cheers for that! Gives me something to think about. easier to just leave it i guess or go a manual
  7. haha i thought that may be the case.... yer i sure am, was who i was speaking to. just tossing up ideas..... manual, auto i dunno!
  8. Yer thats fair! Id ditch the wheel shifter for something 5 plus speed tho I guess
  9. What would you recommend for a neo 25, want to keep it low mounted and internally gated. Has exhaust, cooler, nistune, injectors. Will have cam gears and maybe cam at this stage. Daily, wanting around the 300kw mark but keep it as responsive as i can get
  10. Hey all I have a 34 sedan auto. I was going to swap it to a manual but I dont mind having an auto daily. I am going to get a shift kit put in but i need to use the car still, so will be buying a spare gearbox to do it to in the mean time. My question is, is there any other boxs that have at least 5 gears that will fit the neo 25det? That can take around 300kws? And can be used with the steering wheel controls? Being a daily and cruise it on the highway just feels it needs an extra gear or two
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