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  1. Cheers will grab one
  2. Abs delete Hey all Got my track car and it doesnt run abs anymore. How do i remove the abs module to clean up tge bay. What do i need? What do i need to change etc?
  3. will installing it all next week. remembering its budget build..... RDA slotted and dimpled front and back rotors Intima Pads front and back Brembos front Motul RBF600 braided brake lines adaptors for the evo brembos
  4. yer sorry just meant how much would i need how many bottles. cheers ill grab 3
  5. cheers, whats it hold roughly a litre?
  6. what fluid do people recommend?
  7. whats the price step up generally from the SR to D pads
  8. what pads did you go for?
  9. i got 350mm rotors now and the evo 9 bembos. plus the adaptors. havent had a chance to fit them yet but side by side these things are HUGE over the standard series 2 r33 fronts!
  10. yer was looking at both, either better than the other? i was looking at the track/street coils of each at around 12999 is what i found as the cheapest
  11. Budget Coils for Track only Hey all can anyone recommend some coils for a track only r33 gtst? Can be a bit harsh as it wont see street driving. i know you generally get what you pay for but i cant afford a few thousand on coils and im not that keen on second hand ones as you just never know what nic they are in. Have around $1200ish to spend Cheers
  12. looking at some budget coils. Monopro Type Coilovers- Street/Track or BR Series Street and Circuit Coilover
  13. currently getting parts together for a rb25/30 build. so far have a 30 block my rb25 head, 6boost main, plazaman plenum, 1000cc injectors, computer etc etc have to work out, pistons, bearings, rods etc want to go big to hold 450kws ish... any links or builds i should look at?