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  1. Adz2332

    hey all, In need of some inspiration. Im looking to do something other than the normal, gtr body parts on a gtst. i want something different.... Im struggling to find anything i like bar the pandem kit, its just way to exxy for me $7 - 9k !
  2. Adz2332

    what are the rim specs mate?
  3. Adz2332

    That would be awesome !! Thanks
  4. Adz2332

    really struggling with this car..... dont want just another gtst done up to look like a gtr.... really getting to me!
  5. Adz2332

    thanks for the reply. no nistune, bog stock 20 ecu. Its a series 1 25. i would like the VCT to run yes.. nothing to do with ac or anything like that matters... just need it to run haha
  6. BUMP how did this go?? needing to do the same thing
  7. Hey all I have a r31 drift car... i changed the rb30 for a rb20det. wired it all up using standard 20 computer etc now the 20 has gone to heaven, i have an rb25. ive got it all in, but what do i need to do re wiring? i have the stock 20 loom there and stock 20 computer. can someone send me to a how to that actually works? any tips?
  8. Adz2332

    anyone know if the bee*r kit for the 32 to make it a 34, can any 34 GTR front bumper fit the kit or it has to be the beer one>?
  9. Adz2332

    BUMPING an old thread.... Does anyone know, this kit, can you use any r34 GTR front bumper with it? or wont in fit??
  10. Adz2332

    Not running spacers
  11. hey mate do you have any side skirt under thingos for a r32 gtst?
  12. Adz2332

    what were they worth? the arp and the nismo? and where did you grab them from? cheers
  13. Adz2332

    Putting around 450kws at the rear. And it's when I run full slicks. They brake
  14. Adz2332

    Hey all Where can I get better wheel studs from? For my track car, r33? I'm sick of breaking wheel studs? And also I run rpf1s and I keep elongating the holes of the rim to. So after decent wheel nuts to. Help??