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  1. Adz2332

    it actually made about 5 more kws then running on 98
  2. Adz2332

  3. Adz2332

    and that where im up to, currently doing the engine bay. will put more time into it now i have my track car where i want it and can just use it for a bit!
  4. Adz2332

    I had a look at the Pandom kit for the 32 and didnt like it... so instead i did a thing. I bought genuine rocket bunny flares front and back, same as the car below, from streeter. Now not 100% sure ill go this way but they are sitting there
  5. Adz2332

    Body wise im going to keep the gtr front bar, also have a gtr bonnet and grill now also. Bought the rear under body carbon diffuser same as in pic
  6. Adz2332

    The rb20 still runs fine, so removed to give it a bit of a tidy up and new gaskets etc etc. not looking for this car to be a power house, always wanted something that looks nice when you pop the hood. plus i already have my track car for speed. So while the engine is out im tiding up the engine bay. removing all the HICAS, Putting the Battery in the boot, and hiding the fuse box. Will also change a couple things like the washer bottle, over flow etc. Will then fill holes, smooth and paint
  7. Adz2332

    and also spare of the moment, some carbon mirrors. unsure if i will use them yet
  8. Adz2332

    Seeing as there was no rego im in no rush, so bought a couple things. Bought a gtr rear spoiler and the carbon lip thingo from japan. A Nismo gear knob and also the carbon exhaust surround, all from japan streeter
  9. Adz2332

    a pair of excellent nic 32 gtr seats came up for cheap so replaced the crappy $2 recliners in it. Plus started to remove anything painted white inside the car! and also changed the steering wheel to one i had lying around
  10. Adz2332

    also changed the rims to some i had lying around with some tread and for shits and giggles drove it around till the rego ran out
  11. Adz2332

    Since i killed the front bar, i found a GTR front bar and lip Plus for now also got a standard r32 bonnet Also removed everything to do with the LPG, thankfully it wasnt dedicated LPG. Just had to remove, fill a few holes here and there and bingo
  12. Adz2332

    Deciding of course i wouldnt keep the kit i got it up by crushing the kit
  13. Adz2332

    Right from the start it gave me problems, wouldnt fit up the drive way
  14. Hey all, Thought i had a build thread for my 32 but cant see it so maybe not, anyway. Bought (becuase it was cheapppp) what can only be described as the worst looking r32 around. Ugly kit, check. Ugly white painted interior, check. $2 bucket seat, check. on LPG, yes LPG! check. i wanted a project, so i bought it for cheap and brought it home
  15. Adz2332

    bumpjng this up. has anyone done it? on a r32? where can the box be relocated to? cut and extend wires to the boot?