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  1. 10.5 +22 How much would the rear have to be pulled to get them under it?
  2. im looking at the below rims, work wheels t7r. What is the widest you think i could go with the best concave on standard fenders, with a small roll or pull?
  3. anyone know what rims these are? Look like XT7s but thinner spokes
  4. Hey all, Been offered some decent coin for my smick r32 gtr seats i have..... so unsure what ill do. was going to recover them in black like the rest of the interior, but it seems a shame since they are in such top nic...... So im looking at other options. Whats around thats black already, fits size wise in a 32, im also 6 foot 2 so cant be to high, able to tilt to get into the rear seats, and of course is street legal
  5. ah yer cheers! was going to use the paint as a last resort. used it in my torana with mixed results
  6. cheers! look great!
  7. Hey all Im currently upgrading the 32 gtst interior to black. Have the carpet and the hood lining but the plastics are still grey. do any other nissans use the same hood interior light, rear view mirror, jesus handles, front window shades etc etc?? cheers
  8. how old are they? which BC model are they??
  9. how much on the coils? assuming 2 door and 4 door are the same mounting?
  10. totally agree. but after seeing it first hand has really turned me off of doing it. and to be honest i dont know how they did it or what they looked at. just know it happened
  11. All very true. My friend had a 32 with a non approved rb25. He got into a crash, wrote his and another car off. Went through his insurance and was fine right up until they got his wreck and found it had a larger non approved engine in it. Refused to pay out on his or the other car. Ended up costing him heaps. Not so concerned about cops and pulling over
  12. dont want to go down the 30 route as its just a street car and want it to look as standard as possible. have a track car to go nuts no already
  13. haha fair point! I like the idea of still having it look like a rb20 and rego as a 20....
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