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  1. did you just block off all the pipes to the hicas?
  2. hey all have a 32 gtst im restoring. Ive removed the HICAS from it but want to know, what steering rack would suit my 32 thats non HICAS? Is there a model that would suit and has no HICAS? what do i need to find? Cheers!!
  3. did you find any mate? i may have a couple old ones in the shed?
  4. hey all i cant get a cheap square set of AME Tracers for my 32 gtst they are 18 x 9.5 +15 what are the chances of getting them under my gaurds? much of a roll?
  5. ill keep that i mind, as i thinking i want to get the interior covered in suede or something but these are to nice to rip apart
  6. yer thats what i came up with. Is it usable with a rb25 neo?
  7. yer RWD came in a r31. big shift kit etc in it. wondering what it is and what i can use it in. would it fit a r34 GTT?
  8. hey all how much roughly are clean non torn r32 gtr front seats going for these days?
  9. hey all im going to get my axles on the rear drilled to 5 stud on a r31 is there disks I can put on the rear to suit or what are the options?
  10. Can anyone shed some light on what trans this is? and what it came out of?
  11. i cant find the last last one, they squeezed another 30kws from it
  12. Sure do. What did you pay for your turbo? Car made around 390kws, was pretty responsive to. Plenty of fun!
  13. im going to do a turbo 6Ltre so going to eventually sell my Rb25 stuff. just have to get around to it Link G4 ecu, 6boost top mount, hta3076r, 1000cc id injectors, plazamanan Plenum, yellow jacket coils, areo flow fuel rail, trial wastegate, HKS bov, 25 engine and box, etc etc Roughly know what most of the other things go for, unsure on the turbo
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