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  1. cheers guys!
  2. hey all, plz look at the attached pics can anyone shed some light on this car? Rough year? Model? what they go for? etc etc Im looking for a project car Thanks
  3. will be having a look on the weekend at one.... hopefully give it a drive n see if i like the huge long car feel as opposed to coupes ! lol
  4. hey all has anyone seen anyone who sells ztune front fenders to suit a stagea? for a gtr front conversion? Thanks
  5. i have really searched and was unable to find anything regarding towing capacities etc
  6. yaris > LS ? lol
  7. i was towing with a commodore V6. and a cop friend told me that it wouldnt be legal either. and that 90% of towers are illegal. its crazy to think
  8. excellent thanks for the reply
  9. Hey all im looking at a stagea to tow my r33 gtst and also be used as a daily when im not on my r1 it would be used to to only half a dozen times a year. My question is, would the 4wd or wd versions be better to tow? or wouldnt make a diff? Cheers
  10. cheers!!
  11. ah true! was looking at a few kits. ill get it all separate then. is there a model number or anything i should look for?
  12. thanks i ill cheers!
  13. yer will defs sell it off
  14. cheers! yer im not going to skimp on it. ive been looking at the yaris coils for the neo. its an interesting read for sure.
  15. excellent thanks! will shoot them an email!