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  1. My curren engine bay, wanting a clean look.After some ideas how to clean up a 32 gtst engine bay.So far I'm welding all the holes up, re routing the brake lines, shifting the battery and windscreen bottle to the boot and shifting the fuse box to under the dash.
  2. haha thanks mate! yer i get where your coming from. Im looking at it more for a cleaner engine bay than anything else
  3. simple is a Forward facing Plenum a defect in SA?
  4. Odd request Just bought a kia Stinger as a daily. Pretty impressed by it. Heres my problem...... Its an older mans car by the looks, which hey is understandable. But my god they have shocking taste with wheels!! Its hard to find a set of rims i like for it. The sizes are odd 20 x 9.5 +30ish fronts and 20 x 10 to 10.5 +40ish rears Wondering what jap rims would look good in these sorta sizes, havent dealt in such high offsets before...... HELP!
  5. what was that website called that has pics of cars with the rim specs they are running etc? have a stinger and looking for pics of a few wheels in the odd offsets they will need to be
  6. whats maintenance like these days with 09 / 10s? Brakes etc as can service and what not myself
  7. all this is doing is making me more confused over sedan 34 fitment haha
  8. any chance of 10.5 +30 fitting on the rear of a r34 sedan? and 9.5 +23 front?
  9. Hey all Im in the market now for a R35 GTR Ive been looking around at the ones in the 2009 era. What conman things should i look out for? What problems can i get checked? I would most probably take it to my tuner to run his eye over to
  10. Not sure that helped. If anything more confused haga!!!
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