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  1. HSD coils arrived and dual caliper rear set up arrived also. Will install over the weekend
  2. Fit up was simple and highly recommend the adaptors Bleeding of the evo brembos are a bitch. First run in it will be dec 12th Have some hsd coils coming also
  3. excellent, was looking at the whiteline stuff. they have a 24mm front and back adjustable stuff. but im unsure just how much id use it to adjust. i wouldnt have much idea??
  4. Im tossing up between spring weighs of 10f 8r or 8f 7r
  5. hsd recommends for track only F-10 and R-8
  6. excellent thanks will look into some
  7. Hey all looking to stop some body roll on my track only r33gtst im getting some HSD monocoils with 8kq front 7kg rear ive had some shocking body roll problems. it only has a half cage at this stage, but will be adding side intrusion bars soon. What would you recommend? still have stock sway bars etc
  8. most tracks i use arent perfect
  9. Hey all im looking at a set of HSD monopro coliovers for my r33 gtst TRACK ONLY car. Used 90% for track days hill climbs etc, 10% drift... if that! What spring rates would you recommend? Anyone used the HSD at the track? thanks
  10. Thanks mate They are brembos from an evo 9 but with the 350mm rotors from a evo 10 Makes the stock brakes look tiny side by side!
  11. did the front brake upgrade over the weekend Evo 9 brembos, RDA rotors, Intima pads, dot 4 brake fluid and braided lines
  12. Cheers will grab one
  13. Abs delete Hey all Got my track car and it doesnt run abs anymore. How do i remove the abs module to clean up tge bay. What do i need? What do i need to change etc?