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  1. Do something nice for your skyline and buy my 350Z 'Track' alloys! I bought them for my GTR but never got around to putting rubber on them before I sold the GTR. They are in excellent condition complete with a set of wheel nuts. Buy them, buy them now! 350Z Track alloys
  2. 350Z 'Track' alloys (4), excellent condition with no gutter rash at all. They come with a set of wheel nuts, and would look great on your silvia or skyline. Size: 18x8 Offset: +30 PCD: 5x114.3 Price: $700 ono Contact: Brendan Donnan 0427 838 324 dzine_01@yahoo.com.au The picture is not of them, but they are the same type.
  3. @ Sir Van Von Vader'ham; doin' stuff, things, riding around a little.
  4. Car drifting is so 00's, I think it's time for the next challenge:)
  5. I think that you have got it all wrong. When he took his hand off the wheel he was just reaching for his harpoon. Whale season is coming up didn't you know? Seriously though, I've had a similar thing happen to me. There was no reason for it, just felt like I was being baited. As long as you do the right thing and take down the details like you have you should be sweet. Hopefully this is the only time it happens to you otherwise you end up looking over your shoulder everytime you take the car out.
  6. You are all wrong! That is all...
  7. Do what? Have 5 min free at work? Carefull planning mixed with blind luck.
  8. Yes that's right people, I can't count! Well, I did have the 2000th post, but my punch line was a bit late.
  9. the amazing person who has the 2000th post. Sorry, i actually have 5 min free at work and needed to amuse myself.
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