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  1. Item: Turbosmart Eboost 2 Electronic Boost Controller Age: 5 months - have receipt Condition: Brand new, unopened Price: $650 posted Australia wide To Fit: (What car) N/A Location: Greenbank Contact: PM or Ph 0417 708 598 Comments:
  2. You can buy 2-1 collectors. Or notch to match and weld it up you self. Hard to explain, you just got to sit down and try it.
  3. these pictures were from september last year, the car has been driving since late october. Buddy
  4. For all my exhaust I just buy a few 90* bends and a length of straight tube. Exhaust for an RB20 into a BMW Exhaust for my Hilux
  5. Just thought some might like to see the gearbox mount and engine mounts I made for a RB20DET in to a BMW E36. For more detail on the swap go here. http://www.eurocca.net/forums/showthread.php?t=17736 Gearbox mount Gearbox crossmember is a single piece of 8mm plate with a section piece of 40x40x4 RHS on top. Here it is installed. Engine mounts Here are the piece which are to be welded to the original BMW crossmember, these are cut with a 4 inch grinder from 4mm plate. Tacked together Here are the welded left and right profiles welded to original crossmember Close up of welding Reinstalled in car with Nissan Patrol engine mount in place Notice plate on engine mount rubber and plate bolted to the block. Started by making a plate to join the two and tacked together. Once I had it tacked I pulled it out and boxed it in. Welded out ready for paint. Reinstalled. Now repeat. Job finished
  6. No cooling problem, using a R32 GTR Radiator
  7. The only fab work I didn't do was the drive shaft.
  8. I'm his mate bubs, here are some of the pics I took along the way. More pics in my photo bucket album, http://s86.photobucket.com/albums/k117/bubs1984/ Regards Buddy
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