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  1. So like, 3 tanks worth to get to the servo haha
  2. I think the original pressure drop theory came about when there was a greater drive to push smaller injectors (before readily available cheap 1000cc+) further, with stock pumps (before readily available cheap high flow pumps). Not so much pressure drop caused by rail length, pressure drop by lack of delivery.
  3. Be interested in canards, and the side skirt thingos. Rear difusers too, all depending on price.
  4. New results from a fellowzedder with gtx2863's. First graph was previous. 2nd graph are the new initial dyno results. Snapped intake cam (twice now) so he changed out all 4 cams for stock exhaust cams (solid, no VTC anymore). New mufflers also and even bigger throttle bodies (58mm to 62mm).
  5. assume OP means 40psi with vac reference still connected?
  6. Should specify that the 274 is the last 3 digits in the part number. The one from the graph above is 267.
  7. Depending on your base... But the 274 handles higher pressure anyway. I agree regardless, 450/460/485s are proven.
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