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  1. the ticking noise could be your injectors pulsing
  2. good luck with selling your car man i know how frustrating it can be with nego prices anyway free bump for u good luck
  3. if u have r12 set up in your car u dont need to do a retro fit coz there is a compatable replacement for r12 because of the greenies r12 is no longer for sale due to it not being good for the ozone that y they brought out the replacement r12 gas
  4. 32 skylines use r12 gasswhich is no longer available there is a substitute which is r12 compatable u cannot use r134a gas in a car that has r12 lines and fittings there not compatable
  5. ok just relisted car at www.ebay.com.au in the car section under nissan/ skyline they are the only pics we have at the moment
  6. kil41t- have a lokk through the first page there should be a like with pics for you to see. sorry dam comp wont let us send anything. let us know if you can view them on here
  7. the car is a 1992 yes we want to sell ugrent but not stuiped or dumb to sell for $10000 sorry. we know that there is no other R32 with these mods for sale at this price in australia so no i am not stuiped to sel the car that cheap $13000 is cheap take it or leave it i dont care either way
  8. just a question did u get the plug in a play one or the one u have to wire up yourself coz if it is the one u wire up yourself i had a problem i couldnt get the car to start and i took it to a dyno place for them to get it to run and gess what they haddent made the softwere for v4 yet so wolf gave me a full refund this was only 2 months ago
  10. again sorry we will not go under $13000 to all of you who keep offering $10000 no way we would rather hold on to the car for that sorry again $13000 or nothing
  11. the car is still avaliable because we have had every time waster under the sun interested in the car. they just dont have the money. to see pics of the car go to the first page on this topic and see a link that simon( i think thats how you say it) and the pics are in there. still having trouble sending pics dam comp
  12. yes car still on the market still trying to send more pics to you. just have a wedding in a few weeks and babay scans ect so not getting a lot of time on here. no the other guy dosesnt know the car. it lives in QLD it is a good price
  13. well what can i sy the car has rego and is being driven at the moment selling due to a wedding in 32 weeks and baby on the way in 6 months there is no catch. atleast you can see the car and test drive it for peice of mind
  14. for $89 you can fly up and see the car that has to be cheaper than getting a car in sydeny?
  15. also because i think the car is so cheap but we have done this for a sale and for the new owner to paint the car
  16. nothing wrong with the car ppl just dont seem to have the money. we have had 5 ppl fall throught with there finance. a lot of time wasters
  17. yes the paint has faded was like that when we imported the car. we just dont have the time to re spray the frount of the car hence why the price is only $13000 the price is to compenstae for the paint.
  18. if you look throught this topic there is a like to ebay and the number that the car was with pics and a list of mods
  19. that is true $13000 with mods and no we cant go lower in price
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