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  1. no if you want to see the engine bay you have to do that in person
  2. ive lost the time slip but it was at jamboree 2002 when it did that time anyway a time slip dont mean squat coz u can go to the willowbank tower and take somebody elses???????
  3. sorry you need to put in skyline to bring the car up at ebay
  4. everyone has to wait till they sell there cars but we need to sell ours urgent
  5. urgent sale of r32 gtst many extras see car at www.ebay.com.au under nissan with pics and list of all the mods the car must sell price very low only $13000 just pm if any questions
  6. rebuild the ca a mate of mine has gome through 6 sr motors in a year from driftin sr motors dont like being held at a constant 7,000rpm come to think of it no motor likes constantly being held at hi rpm
  7. yes it is a far way but still cheaper than what ppl would normaly pay for R32s whith mods or stock standard
  8. welljust thought you would like to know because many off you dh out there take you car to them. ie your skylines and all nissans so really if you dont want to take this serious when they rip you off best of luck to you
  9. he owes me that money coz there is a difference in pay between a normal apprentice and a mature age i diddnt find this out until later on plus if i do win who evers car is in that workshop wont get there money back
  10. yes we replaced it some dh reversed into it a while ago
  11. we have called the tax man. there is not much they can do as there is little work on the books. all invoices for work dodgy. he still is operating in brizy and ripping poor ppl off who get work done on there cars as well. i will sink them. i think today tonight everyone should know how scummy they are
  12. we have some one comming around tomorrow to look at the car
  13. i have but he has had time to change the buisness name and get out of paying. he just re reigested his work shop under a diffrent buisness name but the same trading name
  14. well some hurry up and find the money me wife is on my back we have a baby on the way and she wont let me teach the little thing about fast cars that early, she would like it to walk before it can race cars
  15. nah no one seems to have the money as it is tax time
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