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  1. But also remember to not sell yourself short, you know your car better than anyone and know exactly how much it is worth in todays market, even if it might seem like a bit of a insult at the best of times.
  2. It doesn't just depend on the car i think it depends on who is behind the wheel, if your hat is back to front or your look like a jerk i am not waving.
  3. Buy a SAFC and a front mount plus a boost controller, then get it tuned your car will feel 20x better. And if you push your budget out a bit more get some cheap 2nd hand coilies. And dont listen to Rowan gaying up the thread with his over priced toyota's!
  4. Rowan a.k.a constable care a.k.a mr universe, would like you all to slow down for the kiiiiddds.
  5. i sold a nice aftermarket one a while ago for 220$
  6. So i think the answer he was looking for was you can get anything as long as you get it engineered and then pasted the said emissions test and then the pits. But what i think he ment was whats the largest snail he can put in his engine and have it look stock, if thats correct i think somethign along the lines of a garrett 3076 can mount low i believe, but there are probably others and it all depends on what you are looking for horsepower wise etc. etc.
  7. This is Perth Western Australia, why would you want a "Japanese drift club sticker"? Seems a bit lame.
  8. Sounds like you had a bad day with cops in a state other than Western Austalia. Unlucky, but it comes with the territory.
  9. I can see all the Couriers in there vans getting hassled now because of this.
  10. do they detect the detector that the detectors cannot detect, while still detecting there dectors?
  11. they wont be able to enforce the ban anyway people will just get them all hardwired in like my mates one, you cannot see the detector/jammer anywhere has sensors in the rear bumer and the front bar and is probably one of the best detectors i have seen in use.
  12. Didnt the "1.5" come with driver side airbag as well?
  13. just get the wheel up on a good enough angle so the camera cannot see your plate Failing this just reach around stick your hand/foot over your plate or at least partially cover it.
  14. thats why people need to get some skills
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