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  1. Only good if the tuner adjusts the knock maps though. Seen a few people have issues where the knock map is left standard (or just copied from the tuned map), engine knock, ECU switches to knock map and it either does nothing or reverts to stock
  2. A lot of the Zed guys have been using them. Few of us with the 750's have had issues with leaking o-rings though, probably worth changing them out for new viton ones to save the effort down the track just in case.
  3. LSx's, L98's etc have huge aftermarket support and everyone knows how to fix them. Cheap enough and plenty of them. No one makes parts for the VH's except for a few bits and pieces out of NZ like reground cams and CP make pistons for them in teh states, other than that if you want performance parts you have to make them yourself. I'm 99% through a VH45DE conversion into a Z32, prick of a job and it needs another 200hp Least in a Skyline you wouldn't have to make a custom sump (like I did), or need a bonnet bulge (like I do), and can fit a couple of turbos up the front (like I can't). I'm thinking about binning it for a LSx or even going back to a VG30DETT.
  4. I know of some tuners that won't give out the pin at a point after the tune (like the OP's current situation) as they use the same PIN on all the cars they do No way I would go to a tuner that wouldn't leave it unlocked/give me the password. I'm a big boy now, if I blow it up, I blow it up.
  5. WTF are you on about? You can tune a Power FC much the same as a stock ECU with Nistune. Your motor internals have no effect. Knock detection uses the same knock sensor regardless of PFC or Nistune. But I too am a fan of Nistune
  6. I can't remember for sure but R32 or R33 GTR coilovers fit in 300ZX's. I'm not 100% on which model though... The springs might fit, you would really have to get set and try them out.
  7. Just pull it out, it sits in place by the shape of the rubber.
  8. Noice! How did you go about welding the otherside? Got some more piccies?
  9. Nah, afraid not... A guy named James in Sydney fiddles with them. I bought two off him a few years ago. Last I heard he had a mental NA VH45 in the build. I believe his company is called Protune now. Young guy, probably about 21 now, he might have some spares or know where to get some. Back to serious business, what do you need to make a low plenum for the VH? I have a whole spare motor here, but I'm not keen to ship it around for the fun of it. I'm modding my standard bonnet to fit the standard plenum and throttle, but I'm not sure what will happen if I get defected. Technically the bonnet supports will be cut (a big no-no in QLD), but rewelded, so may be a issue later on.
  10. So when are you making a twin throttle plenum for the VH45 that will fit under the Z32 bonnet? Top feed too please
  11. What? Should set adjustable regs with the vac line disconnected so you can get the fuel pressure at 0psi manifold pressure correct. If you set it with the vac line connected you will end up with fuel pressure too high at 0Psi manifold pressure, it'll be like 55psi or so.
  12. Yep, the S3 Z32 sidefeed injectors should fit fine in a R33 RB25. They are 370CC stock for the TT ones. A lot of aftermarket injectors for the Z are the later model ones though, so if you are looking at a set of 740CC Nismo's then they should fit in fine. Z31 are top feed.
  13. Meh, higher than 85% is ok if they are in good nick.
  14. All sorted, one found in Melbourne for $50 delivered
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