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  1. Then don't buy it ? I'd respond exactly the same way....
  2. Sounds like I am out & need to head to powercruise
  3. Should be able to bring something along... are there spots left
  4. What sort of imperfections aside from the front bar & when does rego expire? (PM me if required)
  5. Rightio, $20 ono this weekend or I will throw it out
  6. Hi Team, Taken off a standard RB25 Neo. Been in storage many years. Located in the Inner West. $50 ono Cheers
  7. Hi Guys, I have an ECU here which came out of my R32 GTR about a decade ago.. About to move house again & found it sitting in a box. The car had a standard RB26 at the time, however I believe it had 550cc injectors so there may be some sort of remap in it. Don't remember if these had a standard speed limiter but this did not appear to have one. Was in working order at the time and was removed for a big HP setup with a PowerFC. Attached photos. $50 ono. Cheers, Morgs
  8. Hey Guys, I used to own this before Adrian. I bought it off a guy also on here (Aaron). Likewise no compliants whilst I owned it, was a great car and I do miss it !! Tough market, good luck with the sale.....
  9. After a set of rims for a RX7 series 8. Std/Aftermarket 17s/18s Tyres preferred but not critical In Sydney Please let me know if you have anything suitable via reply. Thanks
  10. Team, Long shot on here but why not. Am selling the wife's MR2, she has had it around a year. Looks great topless. The car that is. Good timing coming into summer. It is not quick in performance stakes, but it is fuel efficient and the womens love it. You should buy it for the women, or the woman. Already purchased a replacement. Replacement car that is. Price: $17,500 ono Details: - Rego till September (from memory) - Low KMs (98,500km) - 17in alloy wheels - 2002 model with 6-speed sequential gearbox (has paddles) - Lowered suspension with full bodykit - Rare gun metal grey colour - Female owner (Factory) - CD player (Factory) - Immobiliser/alarm (Factory) - Interior: excellent condition - Exterior: unique metallic colour, a small scratch on rear quarter - Soft top roof in perfect condition Any queries [email protected] or PM Photos: Cheers
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