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  1. Ha ha, damn straight. I probably won't even make it to the event and break down halfway somewhere
  2. What entry form is it? I only filled out my personal details on the site when I went to check out the order. Is there an actual entry form floating around on there?
  3. Mate I did contemplate a 26 at one stage, but at the time I had to make a financial call as things were adding up quick. It has the tickford 220 motor and 5 speed transmission out of an AU XR8. Just basic mods(intake, cam, exhaust etc). I just ticked over 1000km's so will be good to give it a good wringing and see if there are any other teething issues. Will be good to test the brakes too. We spent a bit of time and money stiffening up the chassis welding in torque boxes, subframe connectors, x braces etc. Most of the suspension is heim or roller bearing. The thing is stiffer than my old 33, so we will see how it goes around a corner.
  4. Just paid! Will be the first testing of my ground up rebuilt mustang....can't wait!
  5. The pcv will only be pulling in vapors under vacuum when you are not on boost, Once on boost vapors are sucked through the cam cover to intake hose. So as said you can block off the intake side that connection, but you would want to vent the cam cover, as this is where vapors will be expended when not on boost. It doesn't need a catch can as there is no vacuum being applied to it. But I would definitely recommend keeping the cam cover to intake hose(with a catch can in between), as this will be producing a vacuum under boost which is what you want.
  6. My apologies. However, just fitting a catch can doesn't mean you will vent crank case vapors off boost. Fitting a catch can between the right valve cover and the intake pipe has nothing to do with venting off boost. Will it vent a little bit, yes, but most of the vapor will stay in the crank case. What I'm getting at is that it makes no sense to delete the pcv and still keep the vent from the cam cover to the intake pipe. Both are for emissions purposes, so why delete one and not the other? If you don't care about emissions, then put breathers on the valve covers and change your oil more regularly. Or even better, fit an evac or vacuum pump if it's a race car. If you do care about emissions than the way to do it properly is to either fit two catch cans, once between the pcv and intake, and one between the valve cover and intake. Or one catch can that has lines that go to both location, with a couple check valves installed.
  7. I wouldn't just block the pcv like that. I don't mean to insult anyones intelligence, but there is a fair bit of misconception on the pcv valve. When the car is off boost, the intake manifold is under vacuum, which then sucks crank gasses through the pcv. The system needs fresh air though, which comes from the intake pipe. So off boost the air travel looks like this air->afm->intake tube->cam cover->crankcase->pcv->intake manifold. When you are on boost, the pcv shuts, and the flow actually reverses. So you will get the crankcase gasses going back out the valve covers into the intake tube, to the turbo and into the manifold that way. Now if you just block the pcv off, when you are off boost you won't be venting the gasses. You would need to add a vent to the valve cover or to the catchcan to vent the gasses off boost. If you don't, a lot of that fuel vapor will just sit around in the crankcase getting absorbed in your oil. The pcv is not that bad, as like I said it only vents to the intake manifold off boost. Yes you will get some oily vapors, but not that bad. And it's pretty efficient way of evacuating the crank vapors. On boost you will get a lot more crank pressure/vapor, which is where a catch can is much more important.
  8. Nah mate the catch can would have had nothing to do with it. You obviously had a fair bit of crank pressure going on, how were the rings when you pulled it apart?
  9. nice, I'm going to try and get the mustang ready for this one
  10. WTB: R33 handbrake cables Hey fellas, After r33 handbrake cables, must be in good condition. Happy to pay postage or pickup around sydney. Thanks Simon
  11. Hey guys, I have a Nismo leather gear knob which was on my r33, should fit most other skylines(not sure about 34 gtr's) This is was bought and put on my r33 while the car was getting built, but that never got finished and I sold it. So they gear knob has actually never been used apart from being fitted for a couple months. There are 2 depression marks on the back of the knob(part which should face the console), I just got it out of the box i was storing it in and a head unit was leaning on it, so the depressions may come out or they might be permanent. It's this knob here:http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Nismo-Genuine-Leather-Gear-Shift-Knob-Nissan-Skyline-200SX-R32-R33-R34-S13-S14-/221115863632?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item337b885250&_uhb=1 Selling for $30, or $35 posted anywhere Attached a photo on the indents on the knob
  12. turbo timer and HID kit for sale still $20 each, will post anywhere for 5 bucks
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