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  1. Yay!!! I've finally been spotted!
  2. What a bummer, I won't be able to make it....will be in Lorne at a conference.
  3. 坂本 Sakamoto (book of the hill) 渓子 Keiko (valley child)
  4. Was heading in the opposite direction
  5. Spotted 'DRTY2' coming off Grange Rd around 7:15pm last night, and then spotted black 34 gtr 'GTR 34' turning onto OG Rd around 7:30 this morning
  6. Yeah I got my alarm fitted at Ang's Audio, top bloke and very reasonable pricing!
  7. Sorry to hear that Luke! At least your ok, cars can be replaced.....
  8. Yeah Flick I may be up for it, depending on how the week pans out.
  9. Besides the heat and dust, it was a good day! Was good to chat to some more SAUers. Thanks to Flick and PK for organising, and thanks to Howie for the shade we did have!!! Yeah Flick I missed behind my knees too with the sunscreen!!!
  10. Well its seems its going to be a nice day weather wise on Sunday according to the Bureau of Meteorology, a nice sunny 23. Not too hot, and not too cold!
  11. Kroozin

    Sau Dinner

    Thanks, I haven't actually paid PK yet, so its his $5. Cheers!
  12. Kroozin

    Sau Dinner

    Hey Steve, unfortunately something has come up and I can no longer make it tomorrow night! PK paid my $5 deposit, so is there anyway he can be reimbursed for that, otherwise I will give him the $5 when I see him at SCS. Hope you all have a great time and safe kroozin!
  13. You didn't miss anything important, we just filled in entry forms and paid money to PK. I think PK/Flick are collecting forms/money from the people that couldn't make it, so perhaps PM one of them.
  14. Not sure if I can make it anymore, so perhaps for catering purposes can you remove me from the list. Cheers
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