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  1. Kroozin

    Yay!!! I've finally been spotted!
  2. Kroozin

  3. Kroozin

    What a bummer, I won't be able to make it....will be in Lorne at a conference.
  4. Kroozin

    坂本 Sakamoto (book of the hill) 渓子 Keiko (valley child)
  5. Kroozin

    Was heading in the opposite direction
  6. Kroozin

    Spotted 'DRTY2' coming off Grange Rd around 7:15pm last night, and then spotted black 34 gtr 'GTR 34' turning onto OG Rd around 7:30 this morning
  7. Kroozin

    Yeah I got my alarm fitted at Ang's Audio, top bloke and very reasonable pricing!
  8. Kroozin

    Sorry to hear that Luke! At least your ok, cars can be replaced.....
  9. Kroozin

    Yeah Flick I may be up for it, depending on how the week pans out.
  10. Kroozin

    Besides the heat and dust, it was a good day! Was good to chat to some more SAUers. Thanks to Flick and PK for organising, and thanks to Howie for the shade we did have!!! Yeah Flick I missed behind my knees too with the sunscreen!!!
  11. Kroozin

    Well its seems its going to be a nice day weather wise on Sunday according to the Bureau of Meteorology, a nice sunny 23. Not too hot, and not too cold!
  12. Kroozin

    Thanks, I haven't actually paid PK yet, so its his $5. Cheers!
  13. Kroozin

    Hey Steve, unfortunately something has come up and I can no longer make it tomorrow night! PK paid my $5 deposit, so is there anyway he can be reimbursed for that, otherwise I will give him the $5 when I see him at SCS. Hope you all have a great time and safe kroozin!
  14. Kroozin

    You didn't miss anything important, we just filled in entry forms and paid money to PK. I think PK/Flick are collecting forms/money from the people that couldn't make it, so perhaps PM one of them.
  15. Kroozin

    Not sure if I can make it anymore, so perhaps for catering purposes can you remove me from the list. Cheers