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  1. 1992 r32 GTST 1000cc injectors, with big bore fuel rail Walbro 460 fuel pump E85 Nustune ecu Stock internals RB25 Turbo with RB20 Actuator 15PSI Boost Big Front Mount Cooler 3" de-cated exhaust dyno run.mp4 dyno run.mp4
  2. LOL nope, only on a 6x2x2 fishtank when filter died. That was sucky enough, cant imagine the joy in doing that with a few more thousand litres lol
  3. but where is the fun in that! Just think about all those memories you wouldn't have All those near misses that scared the shit out of you at the time, but you laugh at now That's why we drive cars! You don't get that same feeling from a house
  4. No problems Bro. If it comes to it, my tuner Simon (http://www.jps.net.au/) may be able to help out if you run out of time.
  5. I can probably hook u up for dyno time but its in Wollongong lol. Dyno dynamics 4wd dyno raised above ground so can be an issue if mega low front ends, but can ramp up if needed
  6. then you should come to Wakefield with me (and Johnny, if I can twist his arm hard enough lol) on December 14th. https://www.facebook.com/events/2380217828932209/ The only downside of a dedicated track car, I cant do these street runs with you guys Would of loved to take my 32 up Macquarie pass with you guys a few weeks back, its like in my back yard lol. Got a good video somewhere of a 5 minute run (no traffic at all) up the pass in my old XT forester.
  7. Damn, I bet you watch that roller door from now on, and glad the internal door was locked. so may people I know leave it open. and a Roller door is pretty easy to force up too. Had to do that a few times for my mum when she looses the remote LOL good point on the screwdriver
  8. That's pretty scary stuff. Entry to the house from the garage? Where you home? Id be keeping a baseball bat near the door! Hard to tell if he is wearing gloves, did he leave any finger prints?.
  9. Must agree there Johnny!! My mate put on the Type-D v2.0's on his daily street/track 180 and they work great (Thanks again Johnny, and while you were over seas on holidays too!! What a legend!) . He was going to just use them at the track only, but due to limited time, he drove to the track (Wollongong to Wakefield Park), did 6 sessions and drove home. They were great the whole day, and held up well, even on the run down Macquarie pass lol. They are still on his car now 4 months later lol
  10. LOL Same, so I got the left rigged to the right switch so now one switch does both
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