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  1. I cant believe I forgot about this baby. I may get stoned to death for this but any Ford Fans in here? More the old school bangers? My dad has a 1980 XD ESP 351 Clevo that is a pre public sale FPV Management car. (My inheritance in the waiting lol) He has been offered some pretty big coin for it, but she aint for sale.
  2. That is a lot of bloody cars between us all. Just think of how much money we have all given the government on bloody stamp duty and transfers
  3. My step cousin has one under cover on car stands in a garage for the last 15 years. Be interesting to see what its worth now days
  4. I did put a deposit down on a 13B Turbo RX4 sedan, but my stepdad went apeshit and called the bank to cancel my loan lol Probably a good thing as I may not be alive now hahaha
  5. 2lt Ford Escort Coupe (wish I still had this) Nissan Bluebird TRX Suzuki Swift GTI TD Cortina wagon (work car) 2 x Toyota LiteAce (work Cars) 1 x Toyota HiAce (work Car) EF XR6 Sedan Ford TX3 Holden Kingswood Wagon (Parents hand-me-down) Toyota Corolla 2.8D Hilux Dual Cab AU xr6 Sedan R31 Silhouette GTS (Wish I still had this) 2.8TD Hilux (lifted, rear ARB diff lock) MK Patrol on gas Subaru Liberty 2.5 sedan Suzuki Swift 3 x Subaru Forster XT's AU3 XR6 Ute Ford Ranger Subaru Liberty R32 GTST Track Car Can I count a 125cc Rotax GoKart and Gokart with 125cc Yamaha YZ motor and 6speed? And Im sure I have forgotten a few lol
  6. What have we started lol This probably should be a whole new threat lol Im going to have to get my list together now
  7. Yer My dad has the same Territory and really rates it, but is a bit thirsty, but he is a lead foot and drives up and down Macquarie pass a few times a week. I am a real fan of the XT range of Foresters. Had 3 of them now, and the only reason I got rid of the last one was the 1800 KG max tow rating. (and 80kms max speed while towing) But as a family car, it has it all. AWD, ground clearance, room for 5 people and 2 big dogs, all the bells and whistles expected in a current model car, cheap insurance thanks to the DOT technology, and goes like a scalded cat. My car list is exhausting at 20+ I will have to write them down one day to get an accurate count lol
  8. That's for sure Being a Ford man, there is no way the wife was getting a Holden lol
  9. lol I went the other way, Sold the wife's 2017 XT Forester, bought myself a 2017 Ranger to tow the Skyline, and bought her a 2015 Liberty. So many less features than the forester, but she still happy, sort of lol
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