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  1. Hey guys. Im planning on going to this track day with a few non SAU members Just putting it out there to see in any of you guys are interested in coming along for a bit of fun Details below from their facebook event. If you are interested let me know Make sure you use the Facebook cade for a discount!! T R A C K D A YVenue - Wakefield ParkDate - SATURDAY 14TH DECEMBER 2019✅ Free Instructors✅ Minimum age 14✅ Road and Race cars welcome✅ Free passenger sessions✅ AASA + CAMS Licence tests✅ 2nd Driver only $50🚗 Race cars for hire🏁 AASA or CAMS Licence required🧁 Free Morning / afternoon tea⏱ Live NATSOFT timing📸 PhotographerFor the first timer to the regular racer, in your road car, race car or our hire cars. Our track days are well organised, with minimal cars on track, includes Natsoft timing and professional instructors are on hand to help.Details for our next track day.DATE:SATURDAY 14TH DECEMBER 2019VENUE:Wakefield Park, 10 km south of Goulburn, is a purpose-built closed road track environment which simulates typical driving corners.PRICE:Retail is $295 per personFacebook Special$250Bookings | http://www.trackschool.com.au/wp-track_days.htmlPromo Code for $45 discount | trackdays2019TRACK:2.2km racing circuit.VEHICLE:Use your own vehicle, or hire one of our race cars. Our vehicles available - http://www.trackschool.com.au/cars.html3 x Mazda MX5s1 x Toyota 861 x Subaru BRZ1 x Nissan Pulsar APRA race car2 x Porsche 911GROUP ORGANISATIONDrivers will be divided into groups according to speed and/or experience.CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS:You will be required to wear closed in shoes, a helmet, socks, long pants and long sleeve shirt.Thank youJohn Bostonjohn@trackschool.com.auwww.trackschool.com.au0412 574 010
  2. Im loving my Nitto NT01's in 245/45/17's on 8' front and 9' rears. Cheapest place I found was St George Tyres in Rockdale. Don't buy them from their ebay store as calling them will get you a better price $240 compared to $269 each. Been told they hold their performance pretty well as they age also.
  3. jcAUSER

    SAU Circuit Times

    Car Make and Model: 1993 R32 GTST Circuit Name: Wakefield Park Lap time: 1.16.3 (Natsoft) Trackday Club 27-7-2019 Modifications Engine: Stock RB20det, knock off FFP, bigger cooler, Hurricane Exhaust Power: not sure Suspension: CoilOvers, D1 in front, Apexi in rear Tyres: Nitto NT01 245/45/17 all round Brakes: T3 4000 Rotors, Intima Type D V2.o all round Body weight: 1350 KG (Interior pretty stripped and 6 point cage, with me 74kg and full tank) 2nd time on the track and 1st time at Wakefield. Thanks Jonny on the Intima Type D's. They were awesome. Greatly out performed my ability or gonads lol
  4. lol classic Not a fan hey niZmO_Man? My son loves them, keeps telling me i should get a set of rota's lol
  5. LOL classic Leroy. Nar not looking at selling, just curious if anyone knew the brand. 17x8 on front with 245/45/17 Nitto NT01's 17x9 on rear with 245/45/17 Nitto NT01's
  6. Lol yer that’s what I came up with also
  7. Nothing on the inside Better centre cap pic. A google of the centre cap doesnt come up with anything but in saying that its pretty hard to read the correct spelling.
  8. Thanks for the reply niZmO_Man I will double check tonight but can only remember seeing the size and offset
  9. Hey all Can anyone tell me what these rims are? Came on a GTST I bought. Only has one centre cap which is pretty hard to read Thanks in advance Cheers
  10. Hey Guys Does anyone have a spare orange left hand indicator for a R32 GTST Same as pics attached. Cheers Jason 0425356454
  11. Anyone have an RB20DET harmonic balancer for sale? Cheers Jason 0425356454
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