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  1. lol classic Not a fan hey niZmO_Man? My son loves them, keeps telling me i should get a set of rota's lol
  2. LOL classic Leroy. Nar not looking at selling, just curious if anyone knew the brand. 17x8 on front with 245/45/17 Nitto NT01's 17x9 on rear with 245/45/17 Nitto NT01's
  3. Lol yer that’s what I came up with also
  4. Nothing on the inside Better centre cap pic. A google of the centre cap doesnt come up with anything but in saying that its pretty hard to read the correct spelling.
  5. Thanks for the reply niZmO_Man I will double check tonight but can only remember seeing the size and offset
  6. Hey all Can anyone tell me what these rims are? Came on a GTST I bought. Only has one centre cap which is pretty hard to read Thanks in advance Cheers
  7. Hey Guys Does anyone have a spare orange left hand indicator for a R32 GTST Same as pics attached. Cheers Jason 0425356454
  8. Anyone have an RB20DET harmonic balancer for sale? Cheers Jason 0425356454
  9. Hey Admins, Just a quick question about the Black Track Day Shirts on the online store, do they come in any other sizes than 3XL? I believe there was a possible redesign of these and the stickers? Cheers Jason
  10. Hey guys I am in the process of buysing a 93 R32 GTST track car (picking up next weekend) and the guy selling me thiecar has sent me a message with an issue trying to start it. He is fairly mechanical but at a loss He has given me the below info. Just wanted to run by you guys to see what you think. The car is pretty cheap so am still thinking of buying it, but just be nice to know up front what I may be in for. Im pretty much mechanically a Noob, so it will end up at a mates workshop as soon as i get it. Thanks in advance Jason Well Jason, just spent 8 hrs with my mate with no joy sorry to say , we went over everything we could think of and still couldn't get it to fire, turns over fine and has power to plugs and power to injectors, fuel pressure is good, Cleaned the plugs and gapped them to .8, put 20 litres of fresh fuel in it, maff cleaned and checked, even took cas out turned it by hand to check it runs injectors and plugs, had spark and hadn't broken the key way, even tried another one, tried getting codes but i disconnected the battery to charge it and the computer reset, it's showing 5&5 which in no faults which doesn't help. Without being a complete nissan wiz i can only suspect it has either chucked the ecu or it has done a control box which was likely on its way out which was creating the problem of running rich and setting the cat overtemp off. Sorry mate i can't do much more without taking it to a specialist which if i was running it still i would. could be a simple fix if you know an expert but i have too much on at the moment to keep going on it. Id say sitting around for a few months (12 months i believe) hasnt helped the cause either, probably a dry joint or something stupid like that. only other thing i can think of is it could have an air lock in the fuel system, long shot but not much else to check off.
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