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  1. I know this was ages ago but saw a car and reminded me of this thread...strangely enough A black mazda 3, green p plates, NSW rego BBD-95F driving through tuggers
  2. Hey all, For quite some time now my R33 will occasionally 'step out' (always to the left) slightly whenever driving over any type of corrugations in the road. I've been in other RWD cars over the same roads hundreds of times and not one of them act the same. I've checked out all the suspension (visually) and all appears ok. It has been suggested to me by a couple of people that this could be due to HICAS and to lock it ASAP. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are and if anyone has experienced the same sort of thing. Cheers.
  3. LOL sounds like the mob are sharpening their pitch forks
  4. Having just gone thru the whole house buying thing i can honestly say the whole process is designed to screw you. At least in my case no one was there to help - just to make money...the mortgage dude, the solicitor and last but not least the government. 'Here's 7k to help you buy a house, oh BTW, we need 15k stamp duty to settle...' tossers. thats what gets me wound up anyway.
  5. Sweet black 32 down the monaro around 530 this arvo
  6. Just wondering if anybody locally has a standard S1 M Spec front bar they may have laying around they would like to flog off for a few bucks. Cheers
  7. It must be the latest thing to do, Good Friday I was driving along Athllon Dr and a Cop nearly ran me off the road. I swear he took the clear coat off my front bar Automatically went to blast him with the horn...figured i would same time and possibly money by letting it go. (I think this shouldve gone in What ticks you off thread...cos thats what grinds my gears)
  8. Spotted a blue r32 (?) headin toward parliament house about 730 this morning
  9. Hell no its friday. I'll try and make it...theres a first for everything
  10. Spotted a dark grey 33 (i think) along limestaone ave about 930ish
  11. Thanks 'hero' for your account on what actually happened. Why dont you join all the other whingers on ratetheplate.com.au
  12. Beat me to it! I was in the white one on Yamba...and who said I never wave (p1r4t8r )
  13. -a belated 'spotted'. i see it every day its never occured to me to put it in the spotted thread...
  14. spotted a 'low 200' pulling into macarthur house. could have been...low200
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