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  1. saw a dark blue r33 coupe enter the highway round oxen ford bout 10 mins ago (5.30pm) then take off north- reason i post- NO PLATES? Just a wee bit sus. hope nobody on here has lost one today
  2. My neighbours all spotted my 33 getting pulled over 3 doors down from my house just now by undercovers. Actually want to say to the coppers. After that white 33 got stolen night before last on the gold coast, its good to know i was just being pulled over to check the car was mine!! Cops were polite, non threatening, and even cracked a funny at my novelty license plate in the back window!! (says 'kiss my ass' in irish) Coomera boys in blue- New respect
  3. Hey Guys, Thot I'd start off this tread after a recent experience at SCC '11. You prob know what I'm talking about from the thread title, vinyl- the sticky type. We have prob all had experience with the stuff, mine was years ago on my first car, a prelude, I was doing it up while reading car mags and they always came with something free back then, a key chain, a set of dust caps or....stickers!! We can all remember the fade- a shopping list of manufacturers down a door or wheel arch, maybe even a big window sticker! Then along came the fast and the furious- big lairy side decals of a tiger or some cartoon character!? Wtf?? Even race cars, plaster the car with sponsor endorsements etc. Then when the iPhone came along the fade passed again- ebay suddenly had sheets of vinyl with weird designs to cover your phone with, just to be different. All different colours and pictures, even...wait for it...carbon fibre weave!! I got sucked in and bought some blue cf looking sheet, put it on my phone and felt good about it! Then I googled the stuff-people were using it for everything!! Covering books, tables, toys, you name it! So of course I stumbled across cars, yep cars, people were putting the stuff on their bonnets, bumpers, dashes...ugh I said, what a waste of time and money, and soooo tacky and cheap looking!! Months went by and I forgot about it, then last week I went to SCC, havent been for ages so I was excited at seeing so many skylines together again! Long story short, I pulled up at the race track and next to me was a brand new looking 35. looked awesome, Matt black, nice rims, noting ott, just a nice clean car, with Matt black paint right?? WRONG The car had some subtle signage on it, a company name, phone number etc. I stepped up to have a closer look and was shocked... Vinyl Wrap- the car was covered in a big Matt black vinyl sticker!? WTF!!! Soon as I got home I hit up google, yep, companies lining up to "wrap" your car in vinyl instead of paying big bucks for a respray, why not cover it with a sticker of what u really want? Got me thinking, and searching, surely this can't be. I found some awesome pics and threads, (and some rather poor attempts too). Now I can't stop thinking about it, imagining how my car could look...I began pricing it up, it's not cheap aye! Yea alot cheaper than a respray, but I have painted my own bumpers, side skirts, bonnet etc with my compressor and gun in my own garage. And the vinyl stuff looks hard, how can you get it to mould to a car without it stretching or melting, or ripping!!? What I want to know and show, is how to do it, do it cost effectively, and do it right. Has anyone on here gone beyond doing their dash or interior bits and pieces and done their entire car, or panels? What have you used? Carbon fibre and matt black seem to be all over the net, I like the ones that have tried to emulate a proper paint scheme, Matt orange anyone? there are even chrome cars going about! I want to see someone who has done this to a daily drive. Am I alone in thinking this mite be cool? I admit at first I shuddered at the thought. bu after looking more and more the idea is growing on me. Post up pics and thoughts, I mite even end up having a go at this if I get some $$$ together (and alot of free time) Darren
  4. long33

    20Th Nov - Scc

    also have to give a mention to the clem7 pass. I've never been thru the tunnel and for a first timer going thru with a line of like 50 skylines was pretty awesome (loud, but awesome)
  5. long33

    20Th Nov - Scc

    That wuda been Anna and I, we went on when everyone turned, did a few u turns and went the opposite way up the mountain, then boom, everyone drove past heading the direction we came from, I was like "we found a short cut :-p " plus we ended up in the middle of a lancer cruise, and the old people cruise in their 1960's cars lol was pretty funny when we drove past and people started doing handbrake turns and were out the window going "your going the right way!!!"
  6. long33

    20Th Nov - Scc

    just wana 2nd all of the above, great day, we scored some excellent weather aye. Great to see all the familiar and not so familiar faces, was glad the cruise up there was a little here and there, cos with a baby in the back i was never gonna get to play anyway, so i had fun navigating Also BIG HI to the other 4door 33's who came (i think i saw two others) Always great to see more of them.(my misses also took some great pics-will post them up later) http://flic.kr/p/aGGnsM -----My Car
  7. long33

    20Th Nov - Scc

    I'm heading up to the spring wood meet from the gc, could meet you at upper coomera BP and maccas, just off the highway, ill be there at 7.20is fuelling up and leaving at 7.30 as google maps says 30mins to get to spring wood maccas from here. anyone else keen to meet at coomera?
  8. im in for meeting at spring wood, but ill be in a 33, hope thats okay
  9. long33

    20Th Nov - Scc

    is anyone heading to the spingwood spot from further south than the gold coast?
  10. long33

    20Th Nov - Scc

    looks like ill be there then!! see you there!!
  11. id soo come along to this just for the laughs but its on the same night as sterosonic :-( bugger
  12. as i said on the scc thread ill be heading up from the coast, and keen to meet any group cruising up, ill meet at whichever is closer to the gold coast, after i get out my map and check lol
  13. long33

    20Th Nov - Scc

    Also will be attending and cruising up from the gold coast-not sure where maccas is in spring wood but keen to cruise up in a group, ill be heading off from upper coomera, can we set a concrete time and provide addresses??
  14. long33

    20Th Nov - Scc

    just confirming that this is still for the 17th? Even tho the thread title says 20th nov???!!! either way I'm in, just have to organise a baby sitter this year :-p
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