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  1. ash-s13

    Thank you team for the awesome day. Fantastic weather, plenty of track time, and a Collingwood defeat to top it all off. Here's my best lap in the GTR 1.19.7 😅 10000000_334758970431728_7479436639744294912_n.mp4
  2. ash-s13

    Just entered- apparently the gearbox noise is "just a GTR noise" 😌
  3. ash-s13

    A solid maybe, having 5th gear issues [emoji24][emoji24]
  4. ash-s13

    Feel free to attach as many cameras as you want to my 35 😀
  5. ash-s13

    Take the whole family for a passenger lap though! [emoji28]
  6. ash-s13

    Yep the 35 ain't winning any motorkhanas with her fat booty. Great opportunity for external gopro footage though!
  7. ash-s13

    Definitely in for this! I did my learners here lol
  8. ash-s13

    I'll be there! [emoji108]
  9. ash-s13

    Bae doing what she does best [emoji7]
  10. ash-s13

    The code's not working for me
  11. Hey guys, Does anyone know the wheel paint code for the 2017 wheels? The dark charcoal / black colour. Got an annoying stone chip on them [emoji24] Cheers Ash
  12. For sure! It's definitely going to take a few track days to get the hang of her. Such a different beast than on the streets. Had an absolute blast though! [emoji3]