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  1. Hey guys, Does anyone know the wheel paint code for the 2017 wheels? The dark charcoal / black colour. Got an annoying stone chip on them [emoji24] Cheers Ash
  2. For sure! It's definitely going to take a few track days to get the hang of her. Such a different beast than on the streets. Had an absolute blast though! [emoji3]
  3. It felt faster than that I swear! [emoji29] lol definitely need semi slicks next time the factory tyres were hopeless through the bends. Great day though!
  4. Hi guys, do we have an affiliate code for the WRX Winton day march 4th? Cheers
  5. So keen to give the gtr her first look at a track [emoji16]
  6. Hi Mark do you still have the varis cf extensions? Keen on pics. Cheers
  7. This is normal when they're started whilst cold. You'll notice it goes away after the oils warm up. As stated above the "save" mode also helps
  8. Took delivery of a 2017 gtr a month or so ago. Absolutely amazing car. So much more advanced than previous iterations (I've had a few older Nissans). If you can afford it I'd definitely recommend it.
  9. I drove it as a daily for about 3 years. It works as a practical car. Don't expect stock suspension smoothness as coilovers will always be a bit bumpy, but that's really up to the owner preference.
  10. UPDATE 12/8/2013 CAR NOW COMES WITH: - 12 MONTHS REGO AS OF TODAY - CUSTOM BUILT EPA LEGAL EXHAUST - NEW FRONT BAR (INSTALLED) - STRIPES REMOVED FROM SIDES (COULD DO WITH A DETAIL) PRICE $15,000 FIRM I have just dropped about 2k into the car getting it to the stage it is now. Won't take a dollar less than $15k- first in best dressed. Can be contacted on 0400531138 and available on weekend for inspections. Cheers, Ash
  11. I'm back from surgery and no the car hasn't been sold yet
  12. No offers made as of yet- just making sure the car is up to shape
  13. I'm having surgery Monday so not available until later on next week. Will have to let you know! Possibly Friday onwards depending on recovery. I've got another bloke getting an racv guy to have a look earlier next week though so obviously has priority if it all checks out.
  14. New Photos: Also I've got a new battery and terminals in today Cheers, Ash