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  1. ash-s13

    Feel free to attach as many cameras as you want to my 35 😀
  2. ash-s13

    Take the whole family for a passenger lap though! [emoji28]
  3. ash-s13

    Yep the 35 ain't winning any motorkhanas with her fat booty. Great opportunity for external gopro footage though!
  4. ash-s13

    Definitely in for this! I did my learners here lol
  5. ash-s13

    I'll be there! [emoji108]
  6. ash-s13

    Bae doing what she does best [emoji7]
  7. ash-s13

    The code's not working for me
  8. Hey guys, Does anyone know the wheel paint code for the 2017 wheels? The dark charcoal / black colour. Got an annoying stone chip on them [emoji24] Cheers Ash
  9. For sure! It's definitely going to take a few track days to get the hang of her. Such a different beast than on the streets. Had an absolute blast though! [emoji3]
  10. It felt faster than that I swear! [emoji29] lol definitely need semi slicks next time the factory tyres were hopeless through the bends. Great day though!
  11. ash-s13

    Hi guys, do we have an affiliate code for the WRX Winton day march 4th? Cheers
  12. So keen to give the gtr her first look at a track [emoji16]
  13. Hi Mark do you still have the varis cf extensions? Keen on pics. Cheers
  14. This is normal when they're started whilst cold. You'll notice it goes away after the oils warm up. As stated above the "save" mode also helps