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  1. 1JRocket

    Looking for a pair, or even just one, front seat buckles. If you have one to sell or loan then msg me or give me a call on 0403 680 335. Cheers, Jarad
  2. 1JRocket

    Well the cruise happened this arvo and there were 12 cars in the end. The Skylines came out in force with quite a collection of 32s and 33s there, making up about half the cars. One with a bit of a dodgy radiator, but it looked good and worked at speed, so that was convienient. Thanks to all of you who made it (including SAU Dog). It was good to have a bit of a crowd there and the cars looked great.
  3. 1JRocket

    Glad to hear you guys are keen. There should be a couple of preludes, maybe a few silvias & my bug. I'll definitely be the slowest!!! Catch ya all there...
  4. Where - National Museum When - 27/07/2008 Time - 1pm A few mates and I are going for a cruise out to Bungendore for a coffee and as much talking about cars as we can stomach. It isn't a Nissan only thing so feel free to bring your automotivly interested mates and what ever interests them. To be honest I am more likely to show up in a VW, but that is antother story... Meet up at the quiet end of the museum. Just look for the group of guys with their bonnets up without looking to confused. Cheers, Jarad 0410 463 334
  5. Sold and gone. Keep an eye out for it in Newcastle.
  6. I'm away for Christmas now and have only a little dial up connection, so I'll load some more pics in the new year. Cheers, 1J
  7. Christmas Special Price. Only available 'till the new year. Also, can deliver anywhere between Canberra and Coffs Harbour since I'll be going that way on the 22nd.
  8. 1JRocket

    Sorry for the complete lack of replies on this thread. To be honest I didn't even know any of you had posted 'till I just got an email on my old account. The answer is... all I have left is two complete doors (not the trims) and the climate control unit (without it's face). Maybe a bit of other scrap, but nothing of note. I sold the body and still don't have my damn wheels back from the guy who borrowed them to move the car!!!!
  9. another price drop. now also has 3 mts rego and an optional quiet muffler due to some lovely neighbors complaining
  10. Also comes with a two wheel steering pump for if someone wants to take out the HICAS. A few other spares too. Just had all new seals put into the injectors. Email or call for more info...
  11. The power figure was on a 2wd dyno with the fuse pulled for the ATESA. We don't have many 4wd dynos in Canberra
  12. 1JRocket

    Pics of my R32 GTS 4 as things are added and changed