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  1. Sorry haven't got on here much lately. I've got Dale's front brace, the OX rear that Jetwreck organised in the group buy, and a Freeway Dolphin strut brace that Streeter organised. These days I think the strut brace serves more use as a place to cable tie hoses to, but I've left it in. Looks purdy, and makes some difference, but with Dale's brace and all the bushes replaced, front end is pretty direct without it.
  2. That would be me, white one? Exhaust is nice... AM Performance!
  3. Rainy day in Canada.Considering what to buy upon return to Oz (if we return). Passat AWD wagon I like.. Trusty Stagea? Hmmm.. Try a PM35 instead if you're looking for something different.
  4. +1 Iron Chef. I had a couple of issues with Northshore, feel free to PM me.
  5. Two can shit stir mate!Something else broke so I have a couple of things to fix then cruise time.
  6. Look out for C34 owners trying to talk you out of upgrading.
  7. Worked out the weird noise was a bearing, but wasn't the alternator. The bearing on the fan pulley had died, as had the fan clutch. And the passenger side front wheel bearing... So finally going to install the twin 12" thermos I've had sitting here with fan shroud. I'll see how they go with the shroud, but better than no fan, and if they don't perform well enough I can always go back to a clutch fan. Seemed silly not to use the fans I had on the shelf for now and give them a go, when the alternative is buy a new fan clutch, and probably need a new fan shroud (mine looks pretty sad). At the same time I'm going to delete the offending bearing. I've removed the fan pulley and instead of replacing the bearing, at the moment I'll leave it off, put a spacer behind the alternator bracket, and run a shorter fan belt. Should be an interesting test, see what difference it makes if any. Winter is a good time to test it, that's for sure.
  8. Cheers Cam. First things first I'll rip it off and see if I can rebuild it with new bearings. Funny thing is P/N 23100-AM610 can be found online from a bunch of places. Only two hits for 23100-AL31A, one being this page. If it's the same as the V35 and Pathfinder, why wouldn't it be the same as 350Z different p/n, so must be different, maybe higher amperage?
  9. Cheers mate. Dad's got a lathe so that should be fine. Not sure about brushes, might have to get a sparky to do that bit. Sounds like there are a few 350Z owners in the states putting higher amperage units in for stereos etc. Not sure if that's worth doing at the same time, but seems like pulling it apart is going to be cheapest, easiest and quickest.
  10. lol ok. He should have a couple. Part number for VQ25DD and VQ35DE is 23100-CD010, Amayama have them for $507. Surely a VQ25DET would be the same as those two? Fortunately it looks like its a standard Mitsubishi part, so bearings are available, part number 2312030R10 and 231200V017, Amayama flog them off for $25 or less per bearing (they want FIVE HUNDRED DORRAH for a complete alternator!).
  11. Surely Scott isn't the only one that knows. If 350Z belts are the same as NM35 belts, I guess that means the alternator is probably the same (well, it looks like the VQ35HRs had a different alternator to the VQ35DEs, bu you get my point). Looks like 350Z units are available out of the US for $150-200, or high amp versions for $200+.
  12. Car has started making epic squealing noises, and after an initial panic that it was turbo related, it looks like it's now alternator. Hopefully that proves right when I pull the belt off and check, but some basic tests show that it's most likely, and probably explains some battery deaths and other electrical issues. I couldn't find a part number on here - surely someone has replaced an alternator on an M35? Anyone rebuilt one? Seems like bearings so we're tossing up rebuilding it and replacing the bearings depending on costs etc. Everything in an alternator search seems to be RB... no VQ love.
  13. Thought the turbo had shit itself tonight on the drive home. Ends up it was the wheel bearing, coincidentally one day after dad was in the car and thought he heard a noise from the front right. So calls start tomorrow to locate one. Is everyone sourcing from Nissan or Amayama? Anyone trying a bearing specialist like CBC? Part number is on Just Jap so all good there.
  14. Craig's got the monopoly on pink stickers.
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