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  1. I'll do shipping for $200, alternatively below are the specs (weight and size) and you can arrange your own shipping quote. CM 58x58x30 11.5kg per box Shipped from NSW 2204
  2. Selling my XXR 527 wheels. These are 18x9.75, offset of +22 and are 5x114.3 (5x100) multi stud. I bought these off a member here about a year ago with intentions on putting them on the Stagea owned at the time but ended up selling it before ever putting them on the car. I believe the previous owner of these wheels didn't put much kms on them as they are in near perfect condition, just a little scratching around the stud holes (as pictured). These wheels should be a great fit for GTR's and Evo's - Previous owner had these on a r32 GTR. $880 - Pickup, Shipping can be arranged (wheels are boxed up and ready to go)
  3. 2000 NISSAN STAGEA RS4S - FACTORY MANUAL - RARE FACTORY DUAL SUNROOF 2000 NISSAN STAGEA RS4S - FACTORY MANUAL - RARE FACTORY DUAL SUNROOF Engine/Running gear etc HKS 3inch catback, highflow cat and 3inch dump Just-jap aloy radiator + Silicone hoses Front mount - Unsure of brand Apexi power intake pod filter, in Just-Jap airbox and silicone intake R34 GTT break conversion, with slotted DBA rotors Cusco coilovers Whiteline sway bars front and rear Rear adjustable camber arms HICAS delete kit Front adjustable castor rods Exterior R34 GTT wheels Freeway Dolphin rear wing Rhino Rack roof racks with air deflector Tinted windows Dual sunroof Interior Electric leather seats Tinted windows Original boot mat, plastic boot liner, Cargo net and parcel blind Nismo Duracon Shift Knob Nismo Floor mats Apexi boost gauge Extras DAYZ Rear bar - Needs to be painted to match the car DAYZ Front bar - Needs a lot of work it has been cut up to remove the number plate and the vertical bars, it also has some damage, but with some plastic welding, some fibreglassing and paint it would look great on the car. Original parts included in sale Factory cloth seats Original dump and compliance cat Original intercooler pipes, etc. Original intake parts airbox, pipes etc. 122000kms on the clock The condition of the car is fairly good for the age, no accident damage. Engine and drivetrain are in great condition Paint is fairly good condition, some parking lot scrapes here and there but overall it is good for its age. Headlights are hazy Interior is clean and has been looked after, leather seats have some slight wear (mainly drivers seat) I’ve owned the car for about 5 years, previous owner was the owner of a performance garage so it has been well looked after and serviced regularly. In the past 5 years I’ve only put around 12,000kms on the clock. Contact Nick on: 0433 288 751 or $11,500 ono
  4. Ma-Jik

    Hi Mate, do you have the plastic guard liner from the drivers side?
  5. As title, I'm looking for a Dayz C34 rear lip and a Driverside front guard inner plastic splash.
  6. Ma-Jik

    You could try a bicycle shop, a bottom bracket/headset c-spanner might be able to be used for coilovers (they come in a variety of sizes) assuming thats what you are trying to adjust. This is an idea I've been toying with in my head as I have coilovers without a c-spanner, but I do have a couple of bicycle c-spanners in the garage I need to check if they fit, but from a glance it looks like they might do the job. Hope this helps.
  7. Hi guys I'm after a drivers sider plastic mud guard. Location Sydney. Bonus fun fact: My drivers side guard caught some crazy wind on the freeway last week enough to make it contact the wheel and rip itself out at 100k's... fun times.
  8. Ma-Jik

    Does anyone have a definitive answer on what fits a RS4S? I've read every page of this thread and I'm even more confused than when I started. I hear we have a bit more room at the back and I'm looking for something quite large either 18 (perhaps 19) x9.5 or x10.5 all around but I'm a little unsure of offsets front to back (back particularly)
  9. F***ed up my rear bar a few months ago, I need a new one. Pearl white preferably, although does not matter much as I will probably re-spray. Can be cut for DAYZ lip as I will be putting one on it. Sydney pickup preferred, but would be willing to pay for shipping if the price is right.
  10. Ma-Jik

    I installed, s2 leather seats in my s2 RS4S and there is no wire there, I found a wiring diagram somewhere on these forums on how to wire it up no problem, if you have any Q's send us a PM, I'm happy to help.
  11. Ma-Jik

    Hey mate, I've done a little research myself couldn't find much on the lock bars although I hear the z32 may be the right size. However in all my research I think the best solution would be to fit a Driftworks HICAS removal kit which is a universal mount for all HICAS cars Take a look you'll see how instead of putting a lock bar in the middle it instead removes the bar all together and uses it's own brackets, it's a little more expensive than a lock bar but seems to be a better solution, lighter weight as well. I do not have one of these kits so if it works with the C34 rs4s I can't confirm 100% but from the looks of how the eliminator kit works and what I've seen under my own car it looks like it would. This is potentially something I will be doing to my rs4s soon so if I do I will keep you informed as to how it goes.
  12. Ma-Jik

    I'm keen. Count me in
  13. As the title says, I'm looking for the carpet from a R33 GTR in any condition - stains, tears, cigarette burns whatever doesn't matter, I'm just using it to check wether the Stagea uses the same size/shape carpet. - This way if it fits I can order a new carpet from a supplier that has a template for the r33, if not I guess I have to get something custom made. The cheaper the better, I'm really not prepared to spend much on this as i'll probably just throw it away after. Alternatively if you have a carpet you would be prepared to lend me for a weekend in exchange for a 6pack of your favourite brew this would also work.