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  1. replaced the fuel filter and that seems to help a little bit still slightly laggy on throttle response in 2nd and 3rd low to medium revs. am changing the bov to stock bov as have heard that may help. after that ill look at rewireing the pump, can anyone show me the link I cant seem to find it.
  2. Hey guys, had walbro 255 gss342 installed today to replace stock pump all went in ok. only thing is it seems to slightly hesitate just after a gear change when I go to accelerate. seems ok on full boost, but can slightly hesitate when I go to accelerate. now when I say hesitate, its not jerking back and fourth, its just not responsing to the amount of acceleration im giving, then all of a sudden it will go back to normal not sure if a swap in pumps could cause this. its running stock boost, fuel filter hasn't been changed no tune has been done, and car was running very lean before pump went in. NEED HELp ASAP
  3. Hey guys, had walbro gss342 installed today to replace the stock pump. all went in ok. only thing is it seems to slightly hesitate after each gear change when I go to accelerate, seems ok when on full boost, but can slightly hesitate as I start to accelerate. now when I say hesitate Its not jerking back and fourth its just not responsive and then suddenly it pulls to normal acceleration. . not sure if just doing a plain oold switch could cause hesitation. also to let you know I haven't replaced fuel filter since I got it. but could a new pump cause a blocked filter so show issues. NEED HELP also no tune has been done. car was running lean before pump install
  4. took my car first time ever i went there, 1st run 14.8 2nd run 14.099 third run 15.2 <--- couldnt get into third 3rd, my main problem was traction in 1st and second, and runnin wierd boost from .3 bar to infinite so car was runnin r+r depending on gear running actuator ONLY lol, once i get car to run 12psi again i might have half a chance to get into the 13s
  5. hey guys i went out yesterday and bought mobile 1 10w-30 oil, it seemed quite thin and watery, i havent opened it yet just seems to be looking through bottle, i have a rb25det with 115k what u think
  6. yeh let me know how u go aswell see when i played with my actuator it felt like it opened up fine, not sure what to feel though, and how it would go under load!! actuator might be broken
  7. i removed the e clip now i am moving the flap but i not sure what i am feeling for i move it toward the front which is same direction rod comes from and it hits metal i guess thats closed, i then move it toward rear of car and the part i move from left to right hits the turbo heatshield holder what it screws into, i am guessing that it preventing it from opening all the way?? what do you think, sometimes when i move it from the turbo heatshield plate holder toward front it gets stuck unless i jiggle it then it will move again toward front and close! what are your thought guyssss SEND HALP
  8. ill be the on the 12th, when its not so packed
  9. i had a look for the E clip today i spotted it ok, i will make sure i dont loose it haha, so if i just remove it and remove rod, then move the flap see if it "fouls" what am i feeling for? if it doesnt open or if it feels like it gets stuck??
  10. HEHE ill give it a go, mate did recommend trying that but not sure what the "E" clip looks like
  11. hey guys i have had my car runnin 12psi for some time now and it has creeped and spiked the whole time, i have a just jap 3inch stainless split dump/front and im curious if anyone has had problems with this piping! i disconnected my mbc and plugged the wastegate actuator straight into my pressure signal and it goes to .5 and keeps going to .9 sometimes 1.0 bar were it should be runnin .5 if that max i have had some thoughts from one of the guys of the forums here, and was curious if anyone has the same turbo back installed and same problems the thoughts so far are is that the wastegate is either getting stuck while opening on the seperate pipe for the wastegate gases or is jammed? what are your thoughts guys! the image i attached is the turbo back im talking about
  12. [PLLMEOVA] [3LIT3] [GBANGR] [CUSTOM] [sLYDITIN] i dunno these were in my choices i chose [CLKNGEZZ] personal prefrence
  13. does it still do it when its warm?
  14. How far are the bp's apart????
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