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  1. Morning all. After a Fab shop up Syd way. Well, more like Penrith but I don't mind driving to discuss or even towing the race car down and going over a few things. Things like catch can, some piping redirection and front half of exhausts Who have you guys used and would recommend? Can do most stuff myself, have essentially built the car but welding isnt really my stronger points and would rather a decent job that does fail on me down the track Thanks. Pete
  2. Hi. I never hear back from you about size. Are you sure its 90mm? 3.5" is 88mm & Greddy list the kit a 80mm item, not 90mm Still interested. Thankyou.
  3. I'm with 75coupe. Pictures of the ID tag to back it up claims? If you purchased it new, my question still stands. Where is the genuine housing as opposed to the butchered RB25 one?
  4. If its only 3 weeks old, where is the original housing?
  5. I've had a few black cars, so not really all that keen on another. A bitch to keep clean. I really don't have a budget. Whatever it costs it whatever it costs really. I believe manual is rare? So probably command a higher price, but that's ideally what I'd be chasing. Does anyone have links to spec lists/comparison pages?
  6. Hi all. Looking to import a JZX110 mk2 Given I'm Vic, I am thinking of goin to j-spec and getting it through them. I think Import Factory are the compliance guys I need to talk too about it? Bit unsure of the whole compliance side of it. I've always purchased locally for my imports over the years but it's looking like importing is required for this particular craving i have. Any advice or pointers would be appreciated as prices seem to vary a bit which is not making it an easy decision. Thanks Pete.
  7. Proof or it didn't happen then. Post up the evidence or as with most internet shit talkers - it never happened Bad enough past threads have made you out to be a bit of a goose - but this takes the cake
  8. 370 from ,,63? lol
  9. Is it running out of flow around 6500rpm and hence the nose over? Or is that being caused by something else?
  10. Not upto spec? Factually incorrect is what the diagram is. If highlighting incorrect information is being a "smartass" then god help us all. It would appear you do still do not understand the key flaw in said diagram. Fair enough, but that does not mean that other more educated users won't come along and understand. Everyone is interested about factual & correct information. Something which I have cleared up here (even if Hypergear refuse to take down incorrect diagrams). Not useful? Highlighting factually incorrect information is very important to expand ones knowledge. Were it not done, users would have been mislead/misinformed (once again). Now the information is there, anyone that thought it was correct advice now knows that it is not, hence why I felt the need to post where I rarely would. Some less educated users would have taken the "experts" word as gospel when sadly it is far from it.
  11. It does look like the diagram has been rehosted, albeit a new version. Still factually incorrect unfortunately. Quite amazing how that is even possible when I've already told him HOW it was wrong to begin with. Have a look at the 2nd diagram, then look at my first reply and I am quiote confident even someone with grade 5 maths can work it out. Perpendicular in the real work, parallel in the picture description. Fact remains the diagram is still wrong and blatantly sladering products. Not ALL split dumps are bad. Such a blatant and incorrect comment should never have been made.
  12. I rarely post, however I do read a lot and have been playing with turbos for 10 years myself. The diagram I was questioing has now been removed, so sadly, you do not even know what you are commenting on. I am not for one second saying Hypergear does not know what is going on. However at times some of the information provided is just straight up incorrect & wrong. Something you would not expect from such an expert, last nights diagram was another prime example of this. If you saw what was posted last night, you would have your heads in your hands as I did last night viewing it.
  13. Of course you not - it cannot be argued and hence you have now removed the inaccurate information that should never have been posted in the first place. The diagram you removed had zero impact on the situation, you would not have removed it if it were correct
  14. Does not matter what it is, fact is the diagram couldn't be more wrong if you tried. What you are saying occurs, and what actually occurs are two different things unfortunately and misleading/incorrect. The wastegate flapper is not impeaded at all, that is cold hard fact. Users are being mislead by that diagram - you should delete it.